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Release Date:   2021-06-28  | Changelog

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Reviewed on August 30, 2017

The default image viewer you use has an impact on how you view your photos. You may have excellent photos but with the wrong viewing program, your images may not be displayed with the best quality. High quality photos call for a fast viewer; that's what you get with CPix.

Features and Functions

CPix is compact, fast, and supports resizing, format conversion, encryption and much more. Supporting multiple graphics file extensions, you can view photos in formats like GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, WBMP, and many more.

It also supports MPO to allow you to extract JPEG files from your MPO file or create from JPEG files. With the encrypted JPEG format, you can check, convert files to JPEG or from it to other files. If you have files that contain two JPEG photos in one file while the other image is encrypted, CPix allows you to extract or remove the 2nd image.

If you also have PL files, you can do exactly what you would do if you had an MPO file. CPix works with Encrypted PL file formats so that you can view, extract from EPL. When you convert WBMP/ TIFF/BMP/ GIF/PNG to JPEG, you will still be able to save all frames of GIF/TIFF. You can also resize photos in PNG or BMP formats or change the background color to the predefined colors or your favorite color.

Make use of the auto play functionality and sit back and enjoy your images. You can add an effect to lighten up boring photos. So adjust the brightness or have them in warm/cold colors. Rearrange your photos or rotate and flip them if you must without changing the files.


CPix is a light-weight, fast, easy to use, graphics viewer with multiple file support. Being portable, it's an excellent app to keep handy on your USB drive.

Software Product Description

A compact and fast image viewer. Supports popular graphics format, encryption, photo enhancement, more.