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As you keep using your computer, there is no doubt that you will pile up files with passing time. In addition, modern hard drives are increasingly getting larger, and locating items they contain can prove tricky. It is therefore important to have a file search facility that makes it convenient and faster to search for required items. One such program is Everything, a lightweight application that anyone with basic computer skills can use.

Everything Features:

  • Lightweight application
  • Fast file indexing
  • Fast file and folder search
  • Ability to share files with others
  • Real time updating

Using Everything

Everything installed fast and was ready to use immediately. It displayed a simple and clean user interface that made it easy to use, and it helped us to instantly locate files we needed. It searched entire drives for the files we were looking for depending on the keywords we typed.

We could choose the way we wanted the application to search for and display results. For example, we could search for whole words or specific paths besides matching case. We could even filter the search results further by focusing on recently changed files instead of displaying everything. We could search for files saved or changed in the past month, week, day or hour.

Another way of filtering results is by choosing particular file types, such as videos, images, audio, documents, archives or executable files. You can also search specific folders. If there are items you would not like to include in the search results, you can easily specify them. These may include system directories as well as hidden folders and files.

We made some configurations to adjust the way the file search application worked. We created quick launch and desktop shortcuts for faster access to the application. You can also choose to start the application automatically whenever you boot your computer. In addition, you may define the duration that you would like the search results to take.


If you have ever struggled to locate a file on your computer, then you will appreciate the help of Everything. The file search app will help you to instantly locate files you want, and its intuitive user interface makes it easy to handle.

Software Product Description

Desktop search program that instantly finds files and folders on your computer.


"Great software."

Reviewer: -hoosierblue

Review Date: 2017-06-12

Pros: Install and setup are fairly easy. Compared to other search engines, it is super fast. I have been using it for months and depend on it quite often. If I want a certain file or program, I will just type in the name to find it and open it up through Everything, even when I know where the file is located as it is usually faster than navigating to it.

Cons: Haven;t found any.

Other Thoughts: None


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