FREE CompuSec® PC Security Suite 5.3      

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Release Date:   2010-05-21

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OS:  Win 2000/XP

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Software Product Description

FREE CompuSec® is a suite of security solutions to protect desktops and notebooks. This software is a full product without any limitations and it is not a demo or trial version.

It provides Pre-boot Access Control requires you to enter your userID and password before the system will boot up. Once authentication is completed, FREE CompuSec® will automatically log you into the windows environment and provide a screen saver lock too. Hard Disk Encryption using AES algorithm keeps data safe by ensuring fast encryption speeds with minimized effect on performance. A file encryption function allows users to secure exchange files via FTP, email attachments etc. Encryption of Diskettes, CD-ROM using CD-Crypt and removable media eg. Memory Sticks and USB thumb drive allows users to secure their data between their CompuSec® protected PCs. Encryption of Server Files & Subdirectories using SafeLan allows users to store and share encrypted files in a network.

FREE CompuSec® can be deployed as single user installation or be centrally managed. With central management, the security definitions such as password lifetime, encryption keys and user access rights can be defined centrally.

FREE CompuSec® is provided FREE from CE-Infosys. Other versions feature the use of e-Identity® (a smart card or USB token) or Biometric fingerprint scanner that will complement your password and store your digital certificates and provide strong two-factor authentication and access control.

FREE CompuSec® incorporates [ClosedTalk] for encrypted voice communication as a secure VoIP solution. Existing users using FREE CompuSec® v4.17 & below, please uninstall your current version of FREE CompuSec® before installing FREE CompuSec® since upgrade process is unavailable. Upgrade process is available for existing users using FREE CompuSec® v4.18.1 and above. Please refer to handbook for instructions.

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Reviewer: -carrick

Review Date: 2010-06-22

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Worked great for a week then quit. Result, one encrypted hard drive with no way to unlock it. Only solution is to reformat drive and run 'Recuva'. At least that way you can recover some of your files.


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