What's New in version 2015.680 Beta:

  • Bug fix: UNRAR plugin - password problem
  • Bug fix: Invalid pointer operation in synchronize folders

What's new in version 2014.665 Beta:

  • Operations implemented for MTP devices: rename, create directory and delete

What's New in version 641 Preview:

  • Bug fixes from the release 640
  • Bug fix: Some files in archives displayed as folders

What's New in version 638 Preview:

  • Bug fix: Files/folders selection problem fixed
  • Bug fix: Search dialog - option 'Exclude files containing the text' does not work
  • Bug fix: Drive select option 'Same folder like in the other panel' does not work with the option 'Shows drive as popup buton'
  • Bug fix: Dos Command line history cannot be disabled
  • Bug fix: Nested archive can not be opened if saved in subfolder

What's New in version 2009.02b:

  • Bug: Drag&drop operation fail if FreeCommander window is not active
  • Bug: Crash when entering '? into address bar
    • You can now control auto complete with the following line in the freecommander.ini:
    • [Form]
    • PathEditAutoCompleteSource=x
    • where
    • x=0 - auto complete off
    • x=1 - auto complete list from FC
    • x=2 - auto complete list from Shell
  • Bug: IP address and computer name doesn't work when entered in address bar
  • Bug: Multirename replace function doesn't work on folder names if you want replace the dot char
  • Bug: Tooltips for the TABs are mostly not visible
  • Bug: Problem with drives mounted to folders
  • New: 64 bit context menu will be showed on Windows 64 (XP, Vista, 7)
  • You can now control 64 bit context menu with the following line in the freecommander.ini:
  • [Form]
  • ShowContextMenu64Bit=1
  • AutoCloseTimeContextMenu64Bit=10
  • You can call 64 bit context menu with right click
  • For calling 32 bit context menu use LeftWin+RightClick
  • If you prefer to see for right click always 32 bit context menu: define ShowContextMenu64Bit=0; with LeftWin+RightClick you can call then 64 bit context menu

What's New in version 2009.02a:

  • Bug: Mouse scroll wheel does not work in viewer for RTF
  • Bug: AV bei closing multirename window if hoover time > 0 (selection option)
  • Changed: multirename - not renamed items are not changed in the list
  • Bug: Quick filter off shortcut (Alt+Y) does not work in the left pane
  • Bug: Sort by path in flat view doesn't work
  • Bug: Internal viewer "eats" multimedia keys
  • Bug: Drag&drop operation doesn't work with some other applications
  • Bug: Drag&drop operation with context menu fails on some PCs
  • Bug: The position of the main window on the desktop will not be restored (W2K only)
  • Bug: Selection bug in NC-Mode on XP