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Release Date:   2019-05-29  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on June 29, 2018

GOM Audio is a lightweight, skinnable, free audio player that supports CD/DVDs, MP3s, M4As, and other popular audio formats.

GOM Audio also features internet radio stations and can play streams of live broadcasts from all over the world.

Sporting a slick interface which is easy to navigate, users can efficiently manage and play an extensive library of music.

Gom Audio includes all of the features you'd expect in an audio player plus more.


Equalizer - The built-in equalizer allows you to customize and save your settings according to your preference. Or, you can use the presets which include: Classical, Club, Dance, Boost Lows, Cut Mid, Boost Highs, Small Speakers, Large Hall, Live, Party, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Ska, Soft, Soft Rock, and Techno.

Effects - The sound effects function lets you adjust several settings which alter the audio in various ways. The effects include Reverb, Vocal, Bath Room, Small, Medium, and Large Room, Church, and Catholic Church. Additionally, you can adjust the tempo, the pitch, dry and wet mix, the balance, increase the bass with the bass booster, and more.

Playlist - The playlist is accessible from the main GUI, or you can hit the F7 key. Quickly create your playlist by adding songs individually, adding an entire folder of music, or grabbing music from a URL. You can also open one or multiple playlists simultaneously. Additionally, the playlist features a sort function to sort your songs by Title, Artist, File Name, Path + File Name, Album + Track number, or you can shuffle the playlist.

MiniWeb - Gom Audio features a MiniWeb browser that displays Album Art along with the song title, the album title, and the artist. The MiniWeb also shows the lyrics of the song currently playing. Also, you can view various Podcasts from the same window as it features a tabbed interface. The Podcasts are listed by the Top channels, by Category for easy navigation, and a Subscriptions tab for your favorite channels.

Visualizer - For those who want or like to view visuals that are in rhythm with the music, Gom Audio features a built-in Visualizer. The visualizer features two types - a colorful display perfect for a party atmosphere, and the second type is more of a soothing visual.

Mini Control - To facilitate using Gom Audio, a mini control is available as a song is playing. The mini control displays the lyrics of the song and lets you stop, pause, or go to the previous or next song file in your playlist.

Although lightweight, Gom Audio is a robust free audio player and manager that offers a host of features and functions for all music enthusiasts.

Supported audio formats:
Audio CD/DVDs / MP3 / M4A / OGG / WMA / WAV /MID / FLAC / APE / PLS, and more.

Software Product Description

Free audio player with advanced features which include playlist support, adjustable sound effects, graphic visualizer, song lyrics, and much more.


"play mp3 with ease"

Reviewer: -russzero

Review Date: 2013-12-08

Pros: has play modes to show cd artwork/time etc -- uncluttered interface -- usual eq settings -- has a pro look to it

Cons: nothing yet -- early days

Other Thoughts: ive been trying to find a basic music player that doesn't have the explorer look to it .. and shows cd art. this player is neat. the layouts are clean and have a "no gimmick" appeal. the demo skins are nice too. not tried the plugins yet. i have another player that has plugins inc a compressor but i was looking for a 2nd alternative player.


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