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Release Date:   2014-10-02

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Software Product Description

Helium Audio Converter is a tool which enables you to quickly and easily convert files between different audio formats and bit-rate qualities. It supports converting from and to mp3, wma, wave, flac, m4a, mp4, Ogg Vorbis, WAVPack, aac and mpc.

Helium Audio Converter not only converts the audio data between different formats, it also converts the tag data. DRM (copy protected) music file conversion is not supported.


"Good, Free, No Crapware"

Reviewer: -Mars Bonfire

Review Date: 2014-08-26

Pros: Changed audio converters many time to find the Holy Grail but Helium is the one I always come back to, Simple D & Drop and flawless performance from a simple UI and NO Open Candy spyware.

Cons: Wish it would handle a few more lossless formats such as TTA, MAC WaveGain

Other Thoughts: I hate apps that are always trying to piggy-back one unwanted app or another into you PC. Aware, spyware - call it what you want - but just beware of it for it can dig into your Registry like a Tick and unless you're an expert it can be very hard to remove.


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