Luminare v0.1.0 Beta      

Size:  1.3MB

License:   FREE

Publisher:  Publisher | Listed Programs

Release Date:   2016-07-26

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OS:  Android 4.2 and up

Downloads:   2835

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Software Product Description

Have you ever wished that you could access all of your favorite apps more easily, without having to cycle through your app drawer or homescreen? One way to run your apps anytime and anywhere is with Luminare-Beta. This Startmenu inspired launcher is super convenient, an excellent tool to have on your smartphone, and it's absolutely free. While other apps are free due to containing loads of ads, Luminare-Beta contains no ads at all and is still free to download and use.

When you install Luminare-Beta and click the "Start Luminare" checkbox, you'll see two rows. The first will contain your phone's default apps and features, and the second will contain the apps that you select. You'll be able to add as many applications as you'd like to the launcher just by dragging and dropping the apps' icons. Rearranging and categorizing your apps in Luminare-Beta is a breeze as well -- this is a great feature for those who like to keep their phones well organized. Luminare-Beta's simple yet attractive design and animation help it blend in so it doesn't interfere with your screen's appearance.

If you ever want to hide Luminare's button, you can quickly and easily do so and then bring it back up when you're ready. The opacity and color of the launcher's button can be adjusted as well, which will allow you to better integrate it into your home screen and coordinate it with your wallpaper and preferred themes.

Although Luminare is fully usable, it is still in development and will be improved and updated on occasion. Even in beta, this app will make using your smartphone even more convenient -- if you're someone who uses your phone to organize your life, for entertainment, or you have a lot of apps, you'll find that Luminare is invaluable.