MP3Recorderer 1.0      

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Release Date:   2016-03-16

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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 Reviewed on March 16, 2016

There are some programs that cut out all the bells and whistles to create a straightforward software meant exclusively for a single task. That's exactly what MP3 Recorderer is. If you're looking for a program that makes MP3 recordings of your voice and plays them back to you without any additional functions, then this is perfect. While it is a little limited in some regards, this makes the program incredibly responsive and light.

Using MP3 Recorderer

The first thing to note is just how light this program is. It will download in a snap even on the slowest system and the installation is just as fast. You will notice that the program looks dated, so don't expect stellar design work here. This is all about performing a single task, so it wouldn't be right to judge this program based on anything aside from that task.

Just hit the big 'Start Record' button to start recording your voice. You are given the option to change the bit rate so that you can prioritize size or quality. A good balance is 32kbs, but you can go higher or lower as needed. It might go without saying, but you'll need a microphone of some kind for the program to pick up your voice. I only have the built-in microphone on my computer, and I have to say the recording was pretty good.

You can't expect perfection with subpar equipment, but the results were surprisingly good. I could hear my voice quite clearly. You can expect better results with a headset or true microphone, but I wouldn't use this program for singing because it doesn't have any additional effects.

There's a big box to the left of the program that displays all of your recordings in reverse chronological order along with how many kilobytes the recording is. Since even short recordings are over a megabyte I think that would have been a better measurement, but that's just a minor annoyance. It would have also been nice to add notes so that you can notate the recordings. Aside from these gripes, the list is quite functional and dated very clearly.


MP3 Recorderer is a great program if you just want to keep some audio notes and recordings. Due to its limited nature, the program is very fast and you shouldn't notice any lag between recording and file creation. While I think some minor changes here and there would be good, it serves as an adequate program for the task at hand.

Software Product Description

Create dated voice notes.