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Release Date:   2017-02-22

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OS:  Windows 7/2008/2008 R2/8/8.1/2012/10/2016 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on February 22, 2017

The simple use of a strong password can go a long way into protecting your data. You also need to keep all your passwords securely. PassNGuard is a powerful password manager that not only generates highly secure passwords but also stores them in a secure location. The software uses Rijndael 256-bits military grade encryption algorithm that the US Department of Defense also uses.

Using PassNGuard

Compared with other similar programs that we had used before, PassNGuard was relatively large in size, as it includes Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5.2.

When we launched the password manager for the first time, it prompted us to create a new database for storing our various credentials. We selected a path to the database and entered our master passphrase. The program enhanced security by not allowing us to use the keyboard to enter the master passphrase and we had to use the on-screen scramble keypad displayed on the program window. The characters on the keypad changed their positions whenever we clicked on a character.

The measure was useful in preventing keyloggers from attempting to snatch the passphrase. The program also prevented screen recording. When we tried to record a video or take a screenshot of the program, the results were black.

We added a new entry to the database by clicking the "+" button to display a window where we needed to enter the required details. Three tabs on the upper part of the window allowed us to create different types of passphrases. We could choose among normal, pronounceable and pattern.

Some of the things that we could specify in our passphrases included the characters to use and their lengths. We could also specify the number of passphrases to generate. Once we had set the required parameters, we simply clicked the "Generate" button. The program then allowed us to save the generated passphrases.

We could also configure how we wanted the program to function. For example, we could set it to clear the Clipboard when we minimized, closed or terminated the program and hide its tray icon so that we could only access it via a specified hot-key.


PassNGuard is a secure password manager that enables users to save passwords, usernames and URLs. You can even add a memo and hide sensitive information behind asterisks.

Software Product Description

PassNGuard is a safe password generator/keeper/organizer.

Note: This download includes Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5.2 which accounts for its large size.