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Release Date:   2021-05-06

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Reviewed on April 27, 2021

Edit EXIF tags, GPS data, and view images as a customized slideshow.

Whether you want to change descriptions, add comments or copyright your image files, you'll find free SuperPhotoview a handy and easy-to-use utility for accessing and editing EXIF tags whether written by the camera or added later. Image files can be temporarily or permanently sorted to create and view photo slideshows customized to meet specific requirements for the date, description, etc.

The application is really useful for sorting large numbers of images and organizing them into photo albums ready to view as slideshows for any number of different purposes or audiences. Features include:

  • Edit EXIF tags to add description, comments, and copyright notice
  • Sort images by date and view photo slideshow
  • Rotate images by EXIF tag - i.e. losslessly - by 90 or 180 degrees
  • Make changes to multiple images at the same time
  • Correct time and date where needed
  • Remove GPS data (useful security-wise when uploading to the internet)

Download, unzip, and install SuperPhotoView, by double-clicking the EXE file and following instructions, and launch the main user interface. The menu bar displays tabs for Application, Images and Help, and folder, file, and action panels along with a preview window beneath it.

Multi-purpose slideshow creator

To simply view the images in a folder, click the Images tab on the menu bar at the top of the user interface, then Show images to display the Show images window. Select the folder, input the Display time you require if you want to switch automatically, select image order and text color, and click Start. The default is to switch manually, in which case, you use the PC arrow keys to switch. The PC Esc key will close the slideshow.

A photo album is basically all the images within a folder on your system. You open a photo album by clicking the Images tab, then Photo album. The tabs displayed are Folder selection, Input, Date, GPS EXIF block. Use the Folder selection tab to select a folder. This will display the image files it contains tabulated under 'File name,' 'Date taken,' 'Image description' and 'Orientation.' Use the 'Create new' button to create a new photo album file.

Right-click for the context menu to select your option(s) - Insert images in front of the selected image or at the end. You can place multiple images using the Ctrl or Shift key. You also add title images using the context menu, assigning description text and date, and remove, move, and sort the images. Clicking the EXIF tab will enable you to automatically sort by EXIF tag. Removing or sorting images only impacts the photo album and not the drive unless you check the associated boxes.

Automatic sorting of the images by an EXIF tag, e. g. the date taken, is also possible. For this click with the left mouse button on the EXIF tag in the header of the data table. The new sort order is initially only temporary, i.e., this does not change the internal order of the images in the photo album. Only when you call the menu item 'Keep image order' the current image order is kept permanently, provided that you save the photo album before it is closed. But if you want to clear the temporary sorting call the menu item "Reset image order". Use the Show images tab to view the images as a photo slideshow.

Edit EXIF tags

Clicking 'Image list of folder' under the Images tab will enable you to change the EXIF tags in your image files. The EXIF tags for each image within your selected folder are displayed tabulated as File name, Date taken, Image description, Comment, Author/Artist Copyright, and Orientation. More tags can be accessed using the context menu.

To add or edit the EXIF tag, select the data cell for the image and click the Input tab where you can make your changes and use the Save button to write the changes to the file.

The Date tab enables you to make changes to the EXIF date tags - copying date from one file to another or add a time difference, clicking Save to write it to file.

Selecting only one image at a time, the GPS tab allows you to view the GPS location in your browser, remove tag, or enter/make changes to the location.

SuperPhotoView is a useful and easy-to-use application for editing EXIF tags and viewing photo slideshows. It is compatible with all current versions of Windows.

Software Product Description

View and edit image metadata including GPS data.


"missing important feature"

Reviewer: -Oldfart

Review Date: 2021-05-02

Pros: a great deal of very useful features, But it is missing 1 of the most important features I use a lot and with all the things this program can do it is useless to me as after touching up ones photos and wanting to share/email them it is missing that very important feature just like a lot of other programs like this

Cons: No emailing feature

Other Thoughts: None


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