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Release Date:   2016-07-19

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 Reviewed on July 19, 2016

Despite the great advances that computers have made over the years, they still have rather bland desktops. Win10 Widgets will help you collect the information you frequently use in a neat interface where you can access them easily. The software runs on Rainmeter, a lightweight, open source program for displaying customizable widgets.

Using Win10 Widgets

If you have not yet installed Rainmeter, then you need to download an install package that bundles Rainmeter and Win10 Widgets. If you already have it, then you just need to download the widget's file.

The program's interface supported 22 languages, and it gave us the option to select our preferred language during installation. We could install Rainmeter using either portable or standard installation, which was recommended. Portable installation needed more advanced knowledge as it required manual installation of some necessary components.

When we launched Win10 Widgets for the first time, it displayed a welcome screen that gave us access to more information about it in addition to other links. When we closed the window, we saw some details already on our desktop in different categories. For example, the upper right part of the monitor displayed the current date and time, power, free disk space, Wi-Fi connection and speaker volume while the lower left corner displayed the usage of CPU, RAM and disk in addition to our Internet connection speed.

We clicked on the Rainmeter's icon on the System Tray when we wanted to manage widgets. For instance, we added a widget by right-clicking on the icon and selecting 'Win10 Widgets' from the 'Skins' menu and then the name of the widget we wanted to add. We then clicked on the variation of the widget that we wanted.

Removing a widget was even easier, as we simply right-clicked on it and selected 'Unload skin.' We could also remove a widget via the Rainmeter's context menu.

We could change the sizes of the widgets already on our desktop by right-clicking on them and selecting variants and then clicking the sizes we wanted. We could also change their positions by clicking and dragging them where we wanted. By default, widgets snapped to the edges of our display, but we could disable the feature.

We could also change the way some widgets displayed information. We could choose whether we wanted the Date/Time widget to display time in 12- or 24-hour format and the Weather widget should use either imperial or metric units in addition to setting a specific location.


Win10 Widgets is a handy application for displaying widgets on the desktop for quick access to the required information. The software blended into the background, allowing us to focus on the information we needed. The program used an intuitive technique that enabled it to adapt to our needs. It used the accent color we already had to give us a personalized experience.

Software Product Description

Display customizable desktop widgets on Windows 10.