How to Master Google Search Secrets

If you want to take your “Googling” skills to the next level, there are some simple skills you can learn that can give you mind-blowing results. Utilizing these Google search secrets will get you access to far more data than you could ever achieve by running a simple search.

These are secret commands that you type in along with your queries which will significantly cut down your research time.

Whether you’re a student looking for answers on a project, a business owner researching ways to improve your marketing strategy, or just an ordinary curious internet user, these tips and tricks will help you use Google to its maximum potential.

Basic Hacks


Let’s start with the simple ones. These involve tools that are already readily available to you. Later, we will look at more complex commands for more advanced searches.

Using the Tabs

On top of the search field are a number of tabs that work as a shortcut that will make your search more specific. The tabs are All, Images, Videos, News, Books, and More. If you click on Images before typing in your search query, it will automatically load images that match your search keywords. If you’re looking for news articles, simply click on News and type in your search.


Searching for Exact Phrases

You can command Google to search the exact whole phrase for you by enclosing it in quotes. For example, you can type in Pink iPhone 7 cases and Google will search for content that contains those exact words in the same order.


Excluding Words

It’s also useful to have Google exclude certain words in your searches. If you search for the word apple, it’s very likely that you will get results about the fruit and the giant company Apple. If you don’t want to see results about the fruit, you can use a hyphen to tell the search engine to ignore content that contains the apple fruit. To do this, type in: apple –fruit.


Searching Content on Specific Sites

To search for articles posted on a specific website, simply use a colon after the word site. For example, if you’re searching for an article about Kit Harrington posted on BuzzFeed, type: Kit Harrington


Asterisk Wildcard

One of the most useful tricks is using an asterisk wildcard when you want Google to fill in other words that you’re not sure about. It’s like fill-in-the-blanks. This is great for searching song lyrics when you’re not sure of the words. Type: Too much * will * you, and you will most likely get the lyrics to “Too Much Love Will Kill You” by Queen. Google knows that the asterisks can be any word.


Advanced Google Search Secrets


Here are more commands that will let you hack the system even further.

Search Products According to Price

Google can show you items below a specific price when you add in the dollar amount after the search term. Type: smartphone $100 and you will see smartphones available under $100 from different sites.


Accessing Cache

This could help you access websites that are currently down or pages that have been removed. For example, you can type: to see the saved version of that website that may have been removed.


Advanced Search

You can also use Google’s advanced search tools to narrow down your search results. You can define specific regional locations, specific dates, and websites. This is great for conducting extensive research about certain topics.



Did you know that you can use Google as a scientific calculator? It won’t only do basic math; it can also present elements like sines and cosines. Just input the equation in the search bar. If you type: 8% of 155, Google will display the answer “12.4” and show you the actual calculator.


Search for Specific Files

If you need to find a specific file or document, you can use the filetype command. For example, type: Non-disclosure agreement filetype:PDF, and Google will return only PDF filetypes for Non-disclosure agreements.


But these are just a few. There are definitely more commands that you can use to maximize Google’s search capacities. Hopefully, the tips above will help you on your way to becoming a Google Search Master.

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