5 Android Apps to Find and Remove Duplicate Files

The files and photos that are absolutely identical to the originally saved version of a document or image compromise your phone memory and its performance. There’s really no need to keep them when you are never going to use them. The problem often, however, is finding the time to go through everything and determine what to safely remove.

In recent years a number of Android applications have come on the market to do just that for you – find and remove duplicate files without putting you through finding the time to review them properly. File remover utilities search for and find duplicates and display all their details to you so that you can make an educated decision on which files to delete.


Files Go by Google: Free up space on your phone

Free up space with the new storage manager from Google

Making it possible to quickly and safely free up space on your phone with a tap or two, Files Go also makes it easy to find files, to remove them, and to share them. The utility lets you see how much free space you have on your phone and on your SD card and enables you to find and remove duplicate files and unused apps, clear the cache, delete unwanted photos, etc. and quickly transfer files you want to keep to your SD card.

Files Go comes with many other reasons to make it your go-to app for freeing up space:

  • Makes recommendations on files that could be erased when you’re running out of space.
  • Saves you time, through its intuitive filters when you’re searching for specific files.
  • Share files with other Files Go users fast and cost-efficiently due to high speeds with no need of the internet.
  • WPA2 encryption for secure offline file transfer.
  • Back up options to Google Drive and other cloud storage right from the Files Go File Menu.
  • Uses less than 9MB of storage space.

Android 5.0 is required for Files Go.




Download Here


Duplicate Files Fixer

A quick fix utility to find and remove duplicate files

Systweak’s remover utility, Duplicate Files Fixer, provides various options for scanning the files on your phone to find and remove the duplicates. You can quickly clean up all those duplicates created due to accidentally downloading the same file twice, back up and media apps caches, creating additional copies when sharing and a myriad of other reasons. Either select the types of file to scan or do a full scan of internal and/or external storage to assess your options.

Duplicate Files Fixer is convenient to use:

  • Lightning fast scanning due to super-fast algorithm.
  • Intuitive user interface with a choice of color combinations and Classic or Material themes – choose clean and simple or be dazzled by useful animations.
  • Scan audio, video, images or documents by category or at the same time.
  • 4 alternative for mark and unmark options.
  • Multi-lingual support.

Duplicate Files Fixer requires Android 4.0 and up.



Download Here


Search Duplicate File

Smart utility app for removing duplicate, cached and obsolete files

The mandate for Search Duplicate File from NeedJava is to find and remove duplicate files quickly and accurately in bulk and eliminate the time involved in searching for duplicates one by one. It was the first Android file remover app and claims to be the fastest.

Upon launching, the user interface displays all the folders in your internal storage and on your SD card. You select which to scan then decide which to delete from the search results screen – simple and fast.

The most important features include support for SD card, OTG USB storage, and sub-folder searches and removals, a smart selector for accurately distinguishing between original and duplicate files. It allows you to exclude or rename, save and restore searches, filter search results and create SHA, CRC32 and MD5 files. There are many other very useful features including the use of wildcard characters, reminder notification of finished search, grouping of results and long tap filename and path display and a copying function.

Batch select function includes select, deselect, collapse, expand, delete and exclude options, and search results can be saved as TXT files to the SD card. Android 4.1 is required.



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Duplicates Cleaner

Find genuine duplicates only!

The Android version of Kaeros’s popular Duplicates Cleaner promises to find and remove only exact duplicates through the organization’s proprietary techniques more efficiently than any other duplicates file remover app.

Duplicates Cleaner launches to a clean and simple user interface providing you with option buttons to scan for duplicate image, audio, video or document files. You also have a settings button from this screen. Your results summary screen for the relevant file type option searched displays full information on the duplicate files and lets you know how much space can be recovered alongside a trash can icon.

Android 5.0 is required. While currently presenting options strictly to very quickly find and remove duplicate files on the system, SD card and additional options will soon be added to Duplicates Cleaner for Android.



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Duplicate File Remover – Duplicate File Finder

Organize and optimize your phone by quickly finding and removing duplicate files

Duplicate File Remover – Duplicate File Finder promises one tap to free up phone space. This file remover utility will scan for, and display, duplicate photos, audio files, video files, documents or other files on your selection from the opening screen. The space used by the duplicates is displayed incrementally as super fast scanning takes place. You can then check which to remove, and the total amount of space recovered is displayed at the bottom of the screen on your ‘one tap to remove‘ button.

You have the option to open the duplicate files to double-check them or to share them before deleting them.

Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.



Download Here

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