How to Legally Download Songs and Music Online

The music industry has gone through extensive changes over the years. Today, aside from purchasing CD/DVDs, consumers have a lot more options to listen to their favorite artists’ music. That includes downloading music online.

If you genuinely want to support artists, you probably don’t want to acquire their works of art illegally. Additionally, you will run the risk of infecting your computer or mobile devices with viruses from malicious websites that offer free illegal music downloads.

Luckily, there are tons of ways to legally download songs and music online. We understand that researching the internet to find the best sites for digital music services is a daunting task which is also time-consuming. So here is a guide for you to get the best music services online from trusted sources.

1. Spotify


Spotify is a great place to stream music for free, but there is a special offline service you can use to download songs and music online legally. By upgrading to Spotify Premium, not only do you get rid of the annoying ads in between songs, but you get to keep your music on your device and play it offline whenever you want.

2. iTunes Store


Sometimes, the best resource is the one you probably already have. Apple’s iTunes Store is considered to have the biggest selection of music tracks worldwide. The software is designed with built-in support to sync your music with your devices such as iPod, iPhone, or iPad. But you don’t need to own an Apple device to use the service. You can transfer the music to your mp3 players and Android mobile devices.

iTunes is also more than just a music service. You can also find other materials like music videos, audiobooks, movies, podcasts, and a lot more.

3. Jamendojamendo

If you want to find free music tracks, Jamendo hosts over 470,000 songs that you can legally download for free. These songs are mostly under the Creative Commons license which gives you the right to copy and share whatever music you like from the site. You can even write a review or make a donation for the artist that you would like to support.

4. SoundClick


With over 5 million full-length tracks available for streaming and downloading, SoundClick is one of the biggest social music services online. You can stream audio or download mp3 files from their site. Not all tracks are free but there is a significant number of free songs and albums that are available for download, and it’s all legal. You can even find radio stations as well as free music videos.

5. SoundCloud


If you’re interested in hearing not only famous artists but also ordinary people who would like to share their talents to the world, SoundCloud is a great place to listen to music and download songs legally for free. The great news is that even popular artists put some of their music in the cloud. Aside from streaming, you can download some of the songs, depending on the privacy settings of the artists who uploaded them.

And if you think you have some good material to share, you are free to upload your own music and get a chance to be discovered by the music industry. You will find that there is plenty of good music from people who did not quite get their big breaks.

If the artist who uploaded the song allowed downloads, you will see a download button right below the song. You can download the official SoundCloud app on your Android or Apple devices. You can access it through your computer’s browser as well.

6. Amazon Music


Amazon Music has grown to be one of the largest online stores to purchase and download digital music. It’s a great alternative to the iTunes store. A unique feature of Amazon Music is the Cloud Drive which automatically stores any digital media that you purchase. It will be in your personal music locker which only you can access. You can even use Amazon’s Cloud Player which lets you stream your music as well.

7. Napster


With Napster, you can either subscribe for monthly access or download songs a la carte from their music store. By subscribing, you can listen to as many songs as you want as long as you keep your subscription. Or you can purchase mp3 credits which let you download the equivalent amount of mp3 files.

8. 7Digital


For those who are interested not only in music tracks but also in videos, audiobooks, and soundtracks, 7Digital is a great resource. There is a wide selection of free mp3 downloads. The files are of high quality and your purchased tracks are stored safely in a digital locker in case you wish to download them again on a different device.

Hopefully, this guide provides you with a roadmap to download your favorite tunes online legally.