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"interesting graphics tool"

by: rman


Other Thoughts:

Lots of features. quite powerful.
Photo template is surely a great deal


"Nice Editing tool"

by: tina


Other Thoughts:

I uses Photoshop at work. and back home this free tool is perfect for me.

It is supper easy to use

"photobie editing"

by: junec


Other Thoughts:

i have downloaded the program but it does not crop and paste into another picture as the instructions indicate. why? it doesn't appear to have the cutting tool.


by: Rose


Other Thoughts:

I am so excited to find out this free tool. Very easy to use. Haven't tried those advanced features, but I am very impressed by those online tutorial.


by: Joe


Other Thoughts:

If you can't figure out how to get it to run routines with the GUI and supplied buttons, it's crap. We all know how to use graphics programs, but this is the LEAST intuitive one I've ever seen. Don't waste your time.


by: Brian


Other Thoughts:

This program works very good and is very fast and wonderful

for the people who have problem running the program...try running a spyware scan or anti-virus scan....thats what your problem is



Other Thoughts:

Disappointing. An awkward, unpolished, non-configurable interface, with slow image editing. A commendable attempt at a photo/graphics package, but sadly there are all-round superior freeware editors already out there.

"Pretty good"

by: luckyman


Other Thoughts:

lucky to found this one

"dont work"

by: alex256


Other Thoughts:

i down loaded this program and then tried to start it and it said there was an error and i had to terminate the process.

"Real powerful and flexible"

by: don


Other Thoughts:

Lots of cool stuff. The brush feature is by far the easiest to use and to manage.

"It is ok..."

by: Junk Buster


Other Thoughts:

But the interface can use some work to simplify things.

Really recommend the freeware photofiltre instead, seeing how it is much simpler & doesn't require .net.

To the previous reviewer, you need .net keeper, because the program makes calls to the .net program. It is designed for .net and without .net it won't run.

Although .net is free, with versions 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, & 3.5, it is more than an annoyance & aggravation since you have to have all 4 versions installed to support the .net 1.1 dependencies etc etc etc....


by: keeper


Other Thoughts:

its not at all what i need a net framework for? can u tell me?

"This is a really cool one"

by: Steve


Other Thoughts:

It is amazing to find out this program. Lots of features. As someone pointed out, the Photoshop plugin support is a great plus.

"Net Framework?"

by: Ninjatron DNB


Other Thoughts:

this is bull , why do programs require this usless crapware that only slows down your system . like he said below : MAKE SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS IDOITS with no un-needed crap. i dont want net framework in my system THERES NO NEED , pwned

"this program rules!"

by: adrien


Other Thoughts:

a great program that supports photoshop plugins!


by: joeres


Other Thoughts:

using this, one of many, must be outstanding!


by: wow


Other Thoughts:

So easy to use. Nice GUI


by: Pissed


Other Thoughts:

Nowhere does it tell you that you need to use the program! So if it won't install, that's why.


by: PdP


Other Thoughts:

Working good.
The Out of memory didn't show up in 4.1

"Pretty good"

by: Christy


Other Thoughts:

I really like it but I hate it when it says out of memory

Results: 1-20 of 48 Total Found