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MySQL GUI Tools is a freeware software package that includes three important MySQL graphic utilities: MySQL Administrator, MySQL Migration Toolkit and MySQL Query Browser.

MySQL Administrator is a program for performing administrative operations, such as configuring, monitoring and starting and stopping a MySQL server, managing users and connections, performing backups, and a number of other administrative tasks.

Most tasks can be performed using a command-line client such as mysqladmin, or mysql, but MySQL Administrator has the following advantages:

  • Its graphical user interface makes it more intuitive.
  • It provides a better overview of the settings that are crucial for the performance, reliability, and security of your MySQL servers.
  • It displays performance indicators graphically, thus making it easier to determine and tune server settings.

MySQL Administrator is designed to work with MySQL versions 4.0 and higher.

The MySQL Migration Toolkit is a graphical tool provided by MySQL AB for migrating schema and data from various relational database systems to MySQL.

MySQL Migration Toolkit is designed to work with MySQL versions 5.0 and higher.

The MySQL Query Browser is a graphical tool provided by MySQL AB for creating, executing, and optimizing queries in a graphical environment.

Where the MySQL Administrator is designed to administer a MySQL server, the MySQL Query Browser is designed to help you query and analyze data stored within your MySQL database.

While all queries executed in the MySQL Query Browser can also be run from the command-line using the mysql utility, the MySQL Query Browser allows for the querying and editing of data in a more intuitive, graphical manner.

MySQL Query Browser is designed to work with MySQL versions 4.0 and higher.

FreewareFiles Clean Award FreewareFiles tested MySQL GUI Tools 5.0-r17 on 2009-02-27 using leading antivirus scanners and found it 100% Clean.

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