Predicted Desire 1.90      

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Release Date:   2017-01-11

Submit Date:   2017-01-11

OS:  Windows 7/8/10

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Would it not be great if you could predict the direction your production business would take even a year in advance? You do not need to simply imagine about this, as Predicted Desire will help you achieve it with focused accuracy. The handy software calculates different things about a small business, including cost, net profit and efficiency. You can instantly see their combined effect for a period of up to 48 months and determine your options.

Using Predicted Desire

When we launched Predicted Desire for the first time after its smooth and first installation, the special calculator displayed a window where we needed to select our preferred simulation model. However, it only gave us the bakery model. It then displayed the main program window with sample values to start us off.

The input parameters that we could specify included:

  • Number of employees
  • Salary per hour
  • Work hours per day
  • Work days per month
  • Fixed cost per month
  • Fixed income per month
  • Energy cost
  • Price
  • Daily sales
  • Daily production

We also selected the target values from among:

  • Bank account balance
  • Total income per month
  • Net profit per month
  • Total cost per month
  • Total production cost per month
  • Total material and energy cost per month
  • Daily employee production time
  • Total employee cost per month
  • Single employee cost per month
  • Daily income
  • Daily production cost
  • Single unit/product production

The upper part of the user interface featured a slider that we used to specify our desired period, between January 2016 and January 2020. The lower part of the slider window displayed the selected date and total number of months.

The program drew graphs in real time depending on the values that we put, and the lower part of the application window displayed Detail Value Table. The Result Graph Panel displayed the development of all specified input and target values covering the selected time-frame. Input values were represented by dashed lines while white dots marked the target values.

However, we noticed that some curves had similar colors, and we had to deactivate some values in order to focus on the curve that we wanted.

The Detail Value Table displayed the input and output values that we had recently activated.


Predicted Desire is an intuitive financial program that enables you to predict the performance of your production business for a period of up to 48 months. You specify the relevant input and output values for the software to display the combined effect of cost, profit and efficiency. The program displays tooltips that help you know what each function does when you place the cursor over it, but you can deactivate it if you find it distracting or unnecessary.

Software Product Description

Predicted Desire calculates the future business of a Startup producing a single product.


"Promising Idea"

Reviewer: -Stefanie Peters

Review Date: 2016-10-03

Pros: - Works allright - Idea and Roadmap competitions on Twitter - detailed Documentation and Tooltips - App Developer simulation model - Photovoltaic System

Cons: - only dark UI - need Twitter account to vote - no load/save of parametrization

Other Thoughts: Definitely want more Business Models. Website says it will be possible to define our own ones fron v2.0.


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