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2014-03-04 | Changelog
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Windows Vista/7/8
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Software Product Description

StrokesPlus is essentially a StrokeIt alternative, but with much more flexibility. It allows you to assign actions based on mouse gestures to automate or simplify many common tasks.

Its very lightweight, only using 250-400k of memory while running in the background. StrokesPlus utilizes Lua scripting for the actions giving you a great deal of power and flexibility.

Whats new in version

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Changed the middle/X1/X2 mouse click scripts' logic to fire on mouse UP instead of mouse down, since that's generally when things do something in windows
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Aforementioned function names changed from down to up, for example sp_middle_mouse_down is now sp_middle_mouse_up
  • Added similar code and options for firing on left and right mouse button up events
  • Note that for all of these mouse click events, they will NOT fire on mouse up of the stroke button; sp_right_mouse_up will not be called if the right mouse button is your stroke button
  • Also note that mouse click event scripts will not fire if the stroke button is currently being held down and S+ is either in an action or actively capturing the mouse (e.g. while drawing)
  • Added acSetNumber and acGetNumber; the only purpose for this action pair is for communicating between Lua states
  • Fixed bug where a few code blocks were waiting if either Lua state was executing, instead of only waiting when both Lua states were in use
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User Reviews
"Great Program"

Reviewer: -cyberrufus    Review Date: 2012-07-12
Average Rating (8 Votes )
Pros:  Works well with very little resources.

Cons:  A bit of a learning curve involved with the program.

Other Thoughts:  Frequently updated and the developer is very responsive to queries.
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