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Most Popular: Network

WiFi SiStr - v1.0.2678.17860
A small tool to keep your Wi-Fi signal strength always visible.
Simple Net Speed 1.5
Accelerate your broadband connection.
An HTTP Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet.
Networx 5.3.2
Free Bandwidth Monitoring and Usage Reporting program.
SoftPerfect Network Scanner 5.5.11
A free multithreaded IP, SNMP, NetBIOS scanner. Can detect hidden shares on a LAN.
NetTraffic 1.27.4
NetTraffic is a network data rate monitoring tool.
Virtual WiFi Router
Convert your PC into a WiFi hot spot for free.
SpeedGuide TCP Optimizer 3.0.8
Optimize Dialup, DSL and Cable all from one simple to use interface.
IPNetInfo 1.55
Easily find all available information about an IP address.
Wireless Network Watcher 1.71
Displays a list of all computers and devices connected to your wireless network.
NETEagle 5.50
A tool that can optimize your internet connection up to 200 percent or higher.
Canadian Bandwidth Meter 3.0
Bandwidth monitor for logging real time and cumulative bandwidth totals.
Fast IP Changer 1.8 Beta R4
Fast IP Changer is a small program to quickly change and view your IP address.
Control a PC remotely as if you were sitting in front of it.
Wireshark 1.12.0 RC 2 / 1.10.8
Network protocol analyzer used for troubleshooting, development, analysis.
A free implementation of Telnet and SSH based on PuTTY.
Networx Portable 5.3.2
Free Bandwidth Monitoring and Usage Reporting program.
NetSetMan 3.7.3
A network settings manager which can easily switch between 6 different, visually structured profiles.
Canadian Ping Monitor 2.0
Ping Monitor pings a max of 30 hosts.
NetMeter EVO 2.0.0
A customizable network bandwidth monitoring program for Windows.
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New Files: Network

DNSQuerySniffer 1.26
A network sniffer that shows the DNS queries sent on your system.
WifiInfoView 1.65
Scans the wireless networks in your area and displays extensive information about them.
Parser Cap v0.4.4
GUI tools for network traffic analysis.
An HTTP Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet.
Response Time Viewer For Wireshark 1.0
Easily analyze Wireshark packet capture files.
FreeSnmp 2.0.3
A free tool that provides support for SNMP protocol.
Angry IP Scanner 3.3.1 (64-Bit)
A very fast IP address and port scanner.
Angry IP Scanner 3.3.1
A very fast IP address and port scanner.
TCP Port Forwarding 1.1.4
Capture and redirect TCP traffic that flows through a particular port.
EasyNetMonitor 2.6.3
A free tool for monitoring computers in your local network and any internet hosts.
SyncTERM 0.9.5
SyncTERM is a BBS terminal program.
PRTG Network Monitor
A network monitor featuring advanced data acquisition and detailed reporting.
IPInfoOffline 1.34
View information about IP addresses, without connecting to any external server.
HG612 Modem Stats 3.0
Huawei HG612 stats and graphing program for Windows.
Why Cant I Connect? 1.8.2
A free tool that makes it easier to resolve TCP/IP connection errors.

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