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 Reviewed on July 27, 2016

When you are involved in writing, it is often necessary to include different credible sources to emphasize your own ideas and arguments. This is especially important when you are dealing with academic papers. It is just as important to cite the sources you have used, which is where ACAD WRITE Cite will prove its mettle. The free citation generator makes it easy to create a well-trimmed bibliography, and it is compatible with different citation style guides.


Whenever we started ACAD WRITE Cite, it took a few minutes "installing" before displaying its window. It was really a portable program that ran directly from where it was saved.

The citation software featured just a single graphical user interface where we entered all the required information. Two drop-down lists let us select the appropriate citation style and type of source. The citation styles that we could choose included IEEE 2006, Harvard (Anglia 2008), Harvard Standard, Chicago 15th Edition as well as 5th and 6th editions of APA. The types of sources included book, book chapter, journal article and website.

If we already had bibliography entries created by other referencing management programs, we could upload them and then make necessary adjustments. The file types we could upload included .enw, .ris and .txt.

The details that we added to create our citations depended on the selected source type. If the form was already populated with information that we wanted to change, we simply clicked on "Clear form".

The program displayed the details we entered in the form on the right part of its user interface, arranged in the style we had selected. Once everything was the way we wanted, we clicked the "Generate citation" button.

Two buttons appeared on the upper right part of the citation that we could use to either clear or edit the citation. However, there did not seem to be a way of exporting the generated citation apart from copying/cutting and pasting.


ACAD WRITE Cite is an easy-to-use citation generator that allows users to quickly generate bibliographies in their desired style. You enter all details in a single place without the need to load any other page. The portable software is also compatible with bibliographies created by other programs.

Software Product Description

ACAD WRITE Cite is a free citation generator for scientific and academic papers.