AVG Decryption Tool For Apocalypse      

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Release Date:   2016-08-08

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 Reviewed on August 08, 2016

One of the most prevalent strains of ransomware is Apocalypse, which encrypts files and appends any of the following messages to the file names: .SecureCrypted, .encrypted or .locked. The ransomware also usually creates ransom messages that give instructions on what to do to pay the required ransom. The malicious software typically spreads when an infected device such as a USB flash drive is connected to a computer. It then exploits weak passwords and insecurely configured systems. AVG Virus Labs has developed a program that helps users unlock their files without falling victim to the threats of criminals.

Using AVG Decryption Tool for Apocalypse

AVG Decryption Tool for Apocalypse comes in two different versions to target both former and current versions of the Apocalypse ransomware.

When we double-clicked the downloaded application, it launched a wizard that easily took us through the decryption steps. We needed to add two similar files to start the decryption process; one that was encrypted and its original version. We could type the file names in the relevant spaces, browse and select them or drag and drop them onto the interface.

We opted to create a backup before starting the decryption process.


If your files have been hijacked by the Apocalypse ransomware, AVG Decryption Tool for Apocalypse will easily come to your rescue. The program allows you to recover encrypted files in a few simple steps.

Software Product Description

Free decryption tool for Apocalypse ransomware.