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Release Date:   2018-04-13

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on April 13, 2018

AppCompatibilityView from Nirsoft provides an overview of the settings for programs installed on your computer that run on compatibility settings for earlier versions of the OS. It lists the various applications and highlights settings for any applications that are no longer present, and there's a handy right-click menu for making changes.

Simple interface with complete information

Download and unzip AppCompatibilityView. Installation is not required - just run AppCompatibilityView.exe. The program accesses the Registry, and all relevant application compatibility settings are immediately listed in columns on the user interface. You simply highlight an application's information and open the 'Action' menu, or right-click your mouse for the pop-up version and make your changes. You are able to:

  • Set the compatibility mode to run an older version - from Windows 95 up.
  • Remove a mode that was set previously or in the program itself.
  • Add a compatibility setting to run a program:
    • As Admin
    • As Invoker, when elevation is selectively required
  • High DPI for application, system or system enhanced
  • Disable desktop composition
  • Disable themes
  • 256 Mode; 16-Bit Mode; 640/480 Resolution
  • DisableNXShowUI
  • ElevateCreateProcess
  • DisableUserCallbackException
  • Remove added compatibility settings

Making changes

Select the program and click the required option to delete its existing compatibility entry. Drag and drop its .exe file from Explorer into AppCompatibilityView. Use the 'Action' menu to add the new 'Version' and 'Options' settings.

This handy utility is most useful when OS upgrades are made, and changes to any number of settings are needed for your older software to work. Data can be exported from AppCompatibilityView to various file formats, and access is available for both an alternate language and the command line. Windows XP and up, both 32-bit/64-bit systems are supported.

Software Product Description

View which programs are compatible with various versions of Windows Operating Systems.