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Reviewed on October 19, 2018

Reduce PC energy consumption by configuring a customized power switching plan that is easily accessed and adjusted at any time

While the Windows operating system provides us with options for managing PC power, but they are based only on the idle state of the system. In addition, to change them, you have to navigate via Windows Settings or the Control Panel depending upon which Windows operating system installed, to the choice of power plans found under Power and Sleep in System Settings. All very time-consuming.

AutoPowerOptionsOK (APO-OK) provides a simple icon in your system tray for fast access to your power plan via a right-click context menu to easily switch between balanced performance mode and low power mode.

A word about power levels

Users are often confused about the Windows power plans. 'Balanced' sounds good but, in actuality, the rates of operation of the computer define the level of power being used. These range from more power being needed when the computer is busy or to start up than when it is idle, but the idling computer needs more power than if it is put into standby or hibernation mode. Then, to add to the confusion, the actual power levels vary depending on both the operating system and hardware manufacturer. And, to make matters even worse, many of the background applications running in Windows 10 don't always actually comply with the power plan.

Reduce PC energy consumption anytime using the simple APO-OK system tray icon

Free and portable, APO-OK is easy to use, for both new Windows PC users and experienced administrators of the system, to make a PC more power efficient.

When APO-OK sees no mouse or keyboard use for the time period you've set, the program will:

  • automatically turn off the monitor
  • automatically put your computer to Sleep

A message is displayed on your screen sixty seconds before the computer goes into standby mode.

APO-OK actually ignores the CPU load and makes changes as set. There are options to monitor only the keyboard or mouse depending upon your personal requirements. These and the message can be turned off at any time.

The application's biggest advantage power-wise is the ability to switch power plans when there are no keyboard or mouse events during the set time period of the idle state. You simply set the two plans so that you can manage PC power by switching power plans depending on the level of user activity. For complete control anytime - and the subsequent satisfaction that Windows is not running your life after all - you can switch power plans simply by right-clicking the APO-OK system tray icon.

AutoPowerOptionsOK is a very useful application for reducing PC energy consumption while it enables you to have control over your power saving options without having to spend time navigating the Windows Settings or Control Panel options. Free and portable, as well as quick and easy to use, it will produce savings for you on powering your computer.

Software Product Description

The simple, free Energy-Plan switcher for Windows.