What's New in version 5.6.0:

  • Now released as FreeWare application! Every option is enabled. No registration required any more!
  • bug fix: export as BMP was visible before a new document was opened
  • Improved support with new installer for Windows 8 and 10

What's New in version 5.5.0b:

  • New In Effects Browser:
  • Effect: Brass Plate
  • Effect: Pencil Art
  • New menu: Ambient Light; with 16 effects!
  • Bug fix: program ended after returning to Effects Browser when last option was Text: fixed
  • Some changes for easier use and minor bug-fixes in the Effect Browser
  • Effective area enlarged
  • New: Guidelines for accurate drawing
  • Change guideline color
  • Change guideline style (solid, dash, dot, dash-dot)
  • New in Advanced Polygons and Bezier curves:
  • Effective area enlarged
  • Real-time scroll
  • Center on owner
  • All effects revised, improved and enlarged effective area!
  • New effect: Carve! (also available in the free edition)
  • New: Show Grid and grid color
  • New: Hide Toolbar (allows the largest effective paint area to be used)
  • Zoom now also in View menu
  • New in Zoom: Fit to Window
  • New stamps and new category: birthday
  • New in Borders:
  • Real time preview!
  • New borders
  • Transparent borders and other effects (Pro)
  • Shows the real size of the selected image next to Thumbnail
  • and several bug fixes
  • bug fix: in Picture Frames a thin line could be spotted on the right corners when using transparent frames: fixed
  • bug fix: when closing all windows 'Paste' menu stayed enabled, hence crash when selecting: fixed
  • Open Borders from Picture Frames and visa versa
  • Comes now with a complete PDF manual
  • Automatically check for updates (can be disabled)
  • Plug-in awareness