What's New in version 21.5.2469 Beta:

  • Crashes in service fixed
  • Changes related to Smart Scan

What's New in version 21.3.2459:

Major public announcements:

  • Better scan performance — We've made a lot of small performance improvements to various security components (running on background)
  • Improved Rescue Disk — We've added a portable web browser to our Rescue Disk so you can search the web even when Windows isn't working
  • Fewer distractions — We no longer show pop-up messages when your antivirus is open
  • Passive Mode fix — We've fixed a bug that would sometimes disable Passive Mode soon after it was turned on

Bug-fix and improvement highlights for hardcore fans:

  • Because of an expiring MS certificate for signing drivers, we had to block updates and installations of users with outdated/unpatched versions of Win7 (up to KB3033929). Unless they update their OS, they will stay on 21.2 version.
  • Implemented Countdown (auto-close) of Cyber Capture dialogs
  • Additional Rescue Disk improvements (postponing toolkit installation until MSI installation finishes, adding retries to downloading RCD files, etc.)
  • Fixed cases when both our Firewall and Windows firewall were running simultaneously
  • Fixed issue where the restart dialog didn't appear in Silent Mode
  • Fixed issues where our uninstall survey was not displayed
  • Fixed issue when the UI didn't show the correct state of IDP (Behavioral Shield) features
  • Some of those scan optimizations mentioned in our public release notes include: Startup, registry callbacks, behavioral events, on-exec DLLs scanning, identified opportunities to skip some scans, etc.)

What's New in version 21.2.2454 Beta:

What was fixed:

  • Rescue disk sometimes fail to create ISO or bootable USB
  • Possible crash during the Smart Scan

What's New in version 20.10:


  • Expanded Password Protection - We now protect your passwords in the beta versions of browsers, too. (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and AVG Secure Browser - Premium Security Only)
  • Rescue Disk improvements - Windows 7 users can celebrate knowing this feature works for them again, and we've improved its performance and made sure it properly cleans up related .DLLs for all users
  • Bug stomping - Just the usual bug fixes that keep your antivirus going strong

Here are some examples of the bugs we stomped:

  • Restart PC dialogue no longer ignores the 'Next century' reminder. (Just wait and see…)
  • Fixed driver incompatibility with HVCI (AV installation now works when Windows Core Integrity memory isolation is on)
  • Cleaned our code to remove obsolete pre-alpha and legacy licensing components
  • UI now opens properly on scan results after an Explorer scan finishes (was not behaving properly with UI minimized)
  • Fixed a crash that happened in log viewer when logs were too large
  • Improved service stability by properly terminating some thread-hooks
  • We now allow removing services without exe/dll file (fileless service)
  • Got rid of unnecessary reboot required after specific types of detections
  • ...and loads of others

What's New in version 20.9.2437 Beta:

  • Minor changes in Webshield detection mechanism
  • Performance improvements

What's New in version 20.9.2436 Beta:

  • Few crashes fixed
  • Installation process should be faster

What's New in version 20.7:

  • Signing in via Google or Facebook - If you choose one of these to sign in, we’ll now redirect you to their websites instead of doing it inside of our app
  • Fixed shield statuses - The on/off statuses for Password Protection and Remote Access Shield are now properly reflected in your UI. (Avast Premium Security only)
  • Improved performance - Your antivirus now runs even smoother thanks to tighter integrations with the Windows registry and boot optimizations

What's New in version 20.6 Beta:

What was fixed:

  • Fixed issue with not running AV service and UI when user enabled passive mode and restarted
  • Fixed crash in UI
  • Fixed issue with Instup.exe and Icarus.exe generating a lot of FW rules and asking for permission
  • Fixed issue that Chrome browser was not installed even when the checkbox was selected in Chrome browser offer
  • Fixed issue when in some rare cases creation of rescue disk failed
  • Fixed issue when there was a conflict with windows installer

What's New in version 20.3.2405 Beta:

What was fixed:

  • SecureDNS now fully works after upgrade from Free to Premium without restart
  • Firewall now fully works after upgrade from Free to Premium without restart
  • Two application crashes under specific conditions related to SecureDNS and Webshield components
  • Firewall blocks Microsoft Wireless Display feature

What's New in version 20.2.2400 Beta:

  • Fixed issue with firewall blocking PPTP and L2TP traffic
  • Fixed issue with failed installation on Windows 10 caused by windows update pending (user will be informed that he has to restart PC to successfully install AV)

What's New in version 20.2.2399 Beta:

What was fixed:

  • Fixed UI failed to load issue
  • Fixed detection and restart dialogues
  • Fixed issue with missing post update screen
  • Fixed issue with browser category in smart scan

Known issues:

  • Http communication can be blocked 1 minute after installation (Windows 8.1).
  • Firewall blocking PPTP and L2TP traffic

What's New in version 20.1.2395 Beta:


  • Browser extensions
  • Improved detection of status of browser extensions
  • Added support of detection in Opera browser
  • Update process of user interface was improved
  • Smart Scan improvements - Advanced issues - when everything is ok, we are showing "green" results instead of hidding the tab

What was fixed:

  • Rescue Disc is working again
  • It is now possible to export certificate in Mail Shield settings

What's New in version 19.7.2384 Beta:

  • As we plan to consolidate our AV portfolio to just Free Antivirus and Premium Security we changed Premier to Premium Security (features stay the same)
  • New options in settings - two old settings were returned back - Internet Connection Sharing Mode and Enable automatic port scan detection - you can find them under Firewall settings
  • It is now possible to schedule and also delete Quick scan
  • New option in Web Shield settings - Enable QUIC/HTTP3 scanning

What was fixed:

  • Fixed issue in explorer scan - toaster was displayed just for first scan, now is displayed for each explorer scan
  • Fixed memory leak in aswStm.sys driver

What's New in version 19.4.2374:


  • We're migrating all our SafeZone users to the new Avast Secure Browser

What we FIXED:

  • AvLaunch won't show up twice in the Startup menu anymore
  • HTTPS scanning now works with the latest versions of Firefox
  • We'll now link you to a specific help article when Wi-Fi Inspector finds a vulnerability

What's New in version 19.1.2358 Beta:

What's new:

  • Online installer
  • Global Exceptions only - we prefer to use just global exceptions that work for all shields and scans. So if you enter some file or folder it should be ignored for both shields and scans
  • Redesigned global settings. There is a specific thread about new settings (report bugs, suggest improvements, discuss, hate, whatever ;-) -

What was fixed:

  • Dialog about requested restart is displayed after manual update
  • Smart Scan - bad browser add-ons are detected on x64 systems
  • Data Shredder works also on x64 systems
  • Do Not Disturb mode does now starts for full-screen Windows Store Apps
  • And some boring crashes

Known issues:

  • There is no update progress visible in UI
  • Unidentified network toaster can be sometimes displayed

What's New in version 19.1.2357 Beta:

What's new:

  • Fully 64bit version (one installer, contains both versions)
  • 19.1 version can`t be installed on Windows XP/Vista
  • Deep network scan research participation possibility at the end of Wi-Fi inspector scan (only on some networks)
  • Improved network detection in Firewall
  • Redesigned global settings. There is a specific thread about new settings (report bugs, suggest improvements, discuss, hate, whatever ;-) -

What was fixed:

  • Avast notifications disappear in some cases
  • SecureDNS not turned ON after 'OFF time' passes
  • FW not running after upgrade from free to premier
  • AntiRootkit and AntiExploit setting needs service restart to apply changes
  • Reset settings to default does not affect firewall settings
  • BSOD because of IDP
  • Result of boot time scan is not in history
  • Switched values (threat type and URL) in Web Shield detection dialog
  • Add & Modify components started from UI is opened in background
  • ARP spoofing protection and scan fixes

Known issues:

  • Only latest online installer can be used for installation
  • Dialog about requested restart is not displayed after manual update
  • Smart Scan - no bad browser add-ons detected on x64 systems
  • Data Shredder crashes on x64 systems
  • DND does not start for Windows Store Apps

What's New in version 18.7.2354.0:

What's new:

  • We are introducing new style of our settings. The new settings have fresh and simplified modern look and feel. We reduced the number of items so now the most important ones are visible now. The advanced settings have been moved to a secret section named Geek Area, This secret section is available via search - just fill there 'geek:area' - whole string has to be written for entrance to the section. Setting are incomplete, couple sections are still in development. We are hungry to hear your feedback, what do you think, do you like them? All your comments, ideas are appreciated and will be discussed by UI team.

What was fixed:

  • Issues with installation and re-installation of the Emergency Update component
  • Installation and update of driver related to the SafeZone / Secure Browser bank mode

What's New in version 18.6.3983 RC:

  • This is the Release Candidate for PUBLIC channel with final 'tunning' changes

What's New in version 18.6.3977 Beta:

  • Fixed: Reporting Antivirus and Firewall state to the Windows Security Center after performed upgrade or downgrade

What's New in version 18.6.3973 Beta:

  • Fixed: Leak in self protection
  • Fixed crashes related to TLS 1.3 support
  • Fixed Site Blocking - it can be enabled once again
  • Fixed: Windows XP: CybeCapture does not send suspicious file to
  • Fixed: DND mode - maximize performance option is enabled after DND mode disabled in single app
  • Fixed: DND mode - several stability fixes and improvements
  • Fixed: DND mode - incorrect basic settings behavior

What's New in version 18.6.3956 Beta:

New Features:

  • Migration of Secureline VPN addon to stand-alone SecureLine VPN app
  • VPN addon is not offered during clean AV install anymore
  • If user has VPN addon licensed, then it's automatically switched to standalone VPN, otherwise the addon is uninstalled. The user can install easily standalone VPN anytime later from AV user interface
  • DND mode - Basic setting available in Components
  • TLS 1.3 scanning support in Web Shield
  • Full support in Firefox
  • Chrome only with Draft 28
  • Internet Explorer, Edge do not support TLS 1.3

What was fixed:

  • Fixed occasional DNS resolve time-outs
  • Fixed issues with loading of sites using EV certificate
  • DND mode - 'new app added' toaster does not appear in some cases

What's New in version 18.6.3952 Beta:

New Features:

  • DND mode - app detection based on internal DB is active after app goes to fullscreen
  • Improved compatibility between Do not Disturb mode and the MS Windows Notification Center (MS Windows 10)

What was fixed:

  • DND mode - working correctly in Firefox
  • DND mode - detection based fixes and minor improvements
  • Fixed service start delay when no internet connection is available
  • crashing of Antivirus service when updating existing license for Password Protection product
  • DND mode - fixed blocking from Windows Notification Center
  • crash of Antivirus service on Windows 10 RS5 and compatibility with its Edge browser
  • not displaying confirmation dialog related to disabling the Webcam shield and Sensitive Data Shield components
  • crashing reporting to Windows Security Center under some circumstances
  • Fixed HNS (WiFi Inspector) related BSOD
  • conflict when handling UDP packets (mainly by Fake Website Shield component) modified by 3rd party products

What's New in version 18.6.3946 Beta:

  • DND mode - application whitelist/blacklist heavily modified
  • DND mode - several optimization for 3rd party app blocking
  • several issues in licensing component (client as well as backend side)
  • blocking standard websites by Web Shield component
  • sometimes blocking TLS 1.3 connections

What's New in version 18.5.3921 Beta:


  • New EULA

What was fixed:

  • Fixed - Skype popups are now correctly blocked by gaming mode
  • Fixed - not running AV service after enabling passive mode
  • Fixed - Missing text in passive mode enabling/disabling dialogue

What's New in version 18.5.2339 Beta:

What's new:

  • Added 'restore as' option to virus chest
  • New hover tooltip on tray icon for unread notifications
  • UI should not be started after update or restart until AV service is running (this should prevent the UI 'service is not running' state)
  • New download mechanism for installation and update files
  • What was fixed:

    • Fixed - Presentation apps should not trigger 'Game was added' toasters
    • Fixed - Notification rules are not activated in FS when GM is on
    • Fixed link in systray to open License information
    • Visual fixes to chrome offer in setup
    • BSOD fixes, crash fixes
    • Fixed reporting of Firewall state to Windows Defender Security Center
    • What's New in version 18.4.3892.0 Beta:

      New desing of Wi-Fi Inspector:

      • New map of devices
      • Easier to change device type
      • Different scans for public and private networks

      What was fixed:

      • GDPR compliance: added new options in Privacy section in General Settings ( paid programs)
      • Setup: UI is now installed in second phase of setup. It should have positive impact on installation success and installation speed

      What's New in version 18.3.2330 Beta:

      New Features & Improvements:

      • New internal implementation of localization in Avast UI - opening of Avast UI is faster now
      • Passwords component has new settings

      Fixed Bugs:

      • Game Mode toaster about newly added game does not slide back
      • Network connection does not work after installation of missing FW component
      • Some components (e.g. Real Site) turned on after restart automatically although turned off permanently by user
      • Firewall blocking emails over IPv6

      What's New in version 18.1.2326:

      What's new:

      • You can now add multiple files to your Virus Chest at once
      • We now better handle opening multiple Avast windows at once
      • We've optimized scans of downloaded executable (.exe) files
      • We now warn you if you try to shut down Windows during installation to ensure your Avast installation finishes properly
      • Avast updates and installations are now more reliable thanks to our new fallback HTTPS server that kicks in if our standard servers are not reachable
      • We've added a new Anti-Exploit module for better protection against exploits, shellcode, and other malicious executable files
      • Hate being tracked online? Check out the new Avast AntiTrack offer we've added to your Privacy menu (now only in English version)


      • Fixed scanning of files in your Virus Chest
      • Fixed some problems with the Outlook plugin
      • Fixed wrong text in the Recycle Bin context menu
      • Fixed the name of the Avast window in the taskbar
      • Fixed an annoying bug that minimized games every 30 minutes

      What's New in version 11.1:

      • NEW: Passwords - Avast can now manage your passwords and generate strong passwords for you. Just one password to remember.
      • checks your passwords security
      • stores your passwords securely
      • includes browser extensions for easier logging in and form filling
      • generates strong passwords
      • NEW: SafeZone browser - Replaced the SafeZone for safer shopping and banking in Pro, Internet Security and Premier
      • Pay Mode: It isolates the session and protects it from possible keyloggers or other malicious software secretly lurking on your computer. With Pay Mode you can perform all your financial transactions in peace, without fear of your password or other personal details being stolen. Pay Mode runs automatically on banking site, but it can be also turned on manually
      • Shielded Window: To open there suspicious websites and to ensure full anonymity
      • Ad Blocking: includes built in ad blocker extension
      • Video downloading for offline viewing
      • Easy setup: Automatically imports your bookmarks, history and cookies from your current default browser
      • NEW: User interface - More space for content, easy control
      • NEW: Feedback possible directly from program - report bugs, feature requests and other suggestions easier
      • IMPROVED: Home network security now detects more router vulnerabilites and shows more details
      • IMPROVED: Installation - it should be now faster and less obtrusive
      • IMPROVED: WebShield HTTPS Scanning - We introduced a new method of HTTPs scanning. It is used in Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It works without changing the certificates and the security parameters and certificates are verified by the browser itself, including checks for untrusted or revoked certificates
      • Many other minor tweaks and bug fixes