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Release Date:   2019-07-29

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OS:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on February 19, 2019

Save time, safeguard privacy, prevent tracking with Privacy Pal

Do you worry about that digital trail you leave behind you every time you use an internet connected application? Do you resent the amount of time spent wiping browser caches and chat logs, and finding the right checkboxes to prevent browsers and applications from tracking you?

Avira Privacy Pal is a free application that will solve your problems for you. A personal assistant targeting the status of over 200 privacy issues, the easy-to-use application presents all the information you need to make decisions on your privacy in one place.

Privacy Pal enables you to disable Windows tracking, prevent apps from modifying your privacy settings, quickly zap those browser caches, stop Cortana in its tracks and a lot more besides. It enables you to take control of your privacy.

Choose what's to be wiped in a user-friendly interface

Avira Privacy Pal monitors all the potentially internet-connected software on your system from a simple dashboard where your percentage protected score displays on the screen. You are provided with the choice of three profiles each providing a balance of privacy and convenience. Basic keeps a constant eye on web-based tracking and gets rid of those annoying tailored ads. Enhanced prevents both Windows and applications from collecting your private data. Personalized completely customizes your privacy protection letting you choose what gets wiped and what gets tracked - click the pencil icon to see all your options.

The many options available at Personalized level can be displayed in Simplified or Expert view, Expert view requiring more in-depth Windows knowledge and experience than is useful to novice or non-tech mindsets. They are divided into five categories - O/S, Network, User privacy, Browser and Apps, each tabbed to allow you to jump to that category. You can scroll down toggling each option on or off.

Once you set the privacy level to your satisfaction, click the Start button and Privacy Pal will begin sorting. Your PC is scanned and a summary of the findings is displayed. Digital traces are presented in six categories:

  • Browser cache
  • Browsing and downloads history
  • Chat logs
  • Cookies
  • Browser session and input
  • Application usage

On/off toggles and edit buttons (pencil icons) enable you to view and filter each of the categories. You can select what's to be cleaned or, alternatively, use the Skip button. Clicking the Clean button provides you with a progress bar as the digital trailed is deleted and the application displays computer-related trivia while it is working.

Avira Privacy Pal will manage Windows 10 privacy, disable Windows Tracking and provide you with control over all the digital traces your internet, Windows, and application use leaves behind. You get both a status overview and a quick fix that enables control over the threat-potential information the utility collects for you.

Windows 7 or higher is required, 2 GB of RAM and 2 GB of disk space is required.

Software Product Description

Free security tool to fix Windows 10 privacy issues from a convenient, easy-to-use interface.


"No way to exit program without using task manager"

Reviewer: -compmend

Review Date: 2019-02-21

Pros: Has a simple GUI

Cons: First this installs two separate pieces of software, one called Avira and a second called Avira Privacy pal. Afterward you are met with a screen that tries to upsell you on installing a bunch of other products, this is the screen you start on. When you run the program most of the "behind the scenes" actions are hidden from you , a few toggle buttons later it claims to have cleaned up "something". The program then resides in memory and your task bar where a right click doesn't give you the option to "quit". I chose to uninstall the program and was surprised when I had to uninstall "two separate and distinct" pieces of software.

Other Thoughts: I personally don't like this program. I want to know what a piece of software is doing and I don't like programs that insist on running the background without a clear option to opt out.


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