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Release Date:   2011-12-06

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Software Product Description

BS-Christmas is Fourth Generation web-browser which Gives to the user easy to use interface, attractive design and half professional set of instruments for work in the internet, united under the name Enterprise Computer Objects (ECO).

The browser is with limited functionality. This is done in order to be reduced to the minimum the system resource that is used from the user.

We will be happy, if you take all this with a smile and have fun with the unusual interface.


BS-Christmas use COM (Component Object Model) technology for visualization, analyze and editing different web-applications. During the work in Internet all events are caught and analyzed from the core of the main program.


  • Graphic standards: DirectX, Direct3D, GDI, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), etc.
  • Sound: DirectSound, DirectMusic, XACT, Speech API, MME, etc.
  • Multimedia: DirectShow, Windows Media, Media Foundation, etc.
  • Access to data: Microsoft Data Access, Extensible Storage Engine, ADO.NET, Sync Framework, Jet-mechanism, etc.
  • Web: HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, SVG, XML, RSS, JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX, etc.
  • Networks: Winsock (LSP), Filtering Platform, NDIS, Windows Rally, P2P API, etc.
  • Communications: TAPI
  • Components: COM, COM+, DCOM, .NET Framework, etc.
  • Security: CryptoAPI (CAPICOM), Windows CardSpace, Data protection API, Security Support Provider Interface, etc.
  • Mid CPU cooperation: Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), MSRPC,etc.
  • Games: XNA Framework, DirectX


Black Screen™ is a trade name of a set of software and hardware tools for working in internet. The proposed software provide you with a complete solution for development and control of the web-based applications.

The main peculiarities that distinguish product ranges using Black Screen™ are:

  • Advanced screen design with the latest ergonomic requirements of hi-tech products.
  • High degree of customization when working with web-applications.
  • Intuitive control system, allowing control of highly complex processes.
  • Fundamentally new technology from the fourth generation.
In practice Black Screen™ may be used in the following areas:

  • Alternative of email.
  • Automated systems for information and knowledge to end customers.
  • Tools for deployment of internet advertising campaigns
  • Traditional and file-less systems for information transfer, including such as audio and video.
  • Process control, monitoring and risk assessment at work in internet and many others.

All software products based on Black Screen™ are from the so called hybrid type. They contain as many features familiar to us and others designed to meet the needs of highly qualified specialists. The aim is to respond to the maximum extent of constantly increasing demands on developers and designers. The Black Screen technology is aimed at the needs of end users. In the development process studies were made whose purpose was to see exactly what the user needs. Our products are a wonderful illustration of the advantages of the principles enshrined in the works of leading designers and experts in the field of ergonomics as Alan Cooper and Donald Norman.


"BS-Christmas - ECO -> Events Analyzer"

Reviewer: -Simon

Review Date: 2010-12-22

Pros: - Interesting. - Lightweight and easy to use. - With a single click, the user can gain access to websites like,,,,,,, and so on. - Won't try to replace that browser.

Cons: - Haven't download modules.

Other Thoughts: Tool: ECO -> Events Analyzer


Determining the causes, consequences and relationship between events associated with the selected web site.

Analysis of the risks when working with web sites

Analysis of potential risks.
Allows very accurate determination of the individual factors that could contribute for the occurrence of unwanted events and could affect the ultimate realization of projects.

Reducing the risks in development phase

Helps to eliminate the adverse effects associated with logical errors in the programming process.

Additional features

- Support the process of on-site optimization of web sites.
- It stays unaffected by changes in the template.
- Has the ability to generate a short URL from string.
- Extremely useful in building update status modules.
- Indispensable for establishing "keyboard accelerators".


Keyboard accelerators, known as TranslateAccelerator, compare the key pressing with tables and in case of an established accordance they generate WM_COMMAND or WM_SYSCOMMAND, then one or another screen procedure is activated.

For desktop systems, they are know as "shortcuts" and have proved their functionality.

The most common result of pressing a key combination is to perform a function such as: copy, move, delete, start video streaming, displaying full screen, etc.


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