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Release Date:   2015-07-14

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 Reviewed on July 14, 2015

Would you like to see how your home design ideas will look before you actually implement them? Then Blophome is the tool for you. The interior design software is easy to use and delivers professional-quality results.

Blophome Features

  • 200,000 drawings
  • 3D photorealistic rendering
  • Compatible with both touch and mouse
  • Publish projects
  • Easy to use

Using Blophome

During installation, Blophome asked us twice about the manufacturer, but the installation process was smooth. Please note that you may experience some conflicts if your antivirus program is running. The installer was a plug-in that allowed us to access the online features required to create a project. All catalogs, rendering and drawings are available on the Internet.

The program incorporated dimension drawings, which we could access via the "Dimensions" tab. The feature automatically implemented wall dimensions. The ability to generate dimension plans in high resolution allowed us to have a better view of our project.

We could adjust the dimensions as we wanted, including putting our own levels, moving or deleting the dimensions. However, we did not have to delete an object and re-insert it to make a desired change. The latest version of Blophome allowed us to exchange object types.

Once we had made our drawings, we used the 3D project feature to make them animated for an even greater impact. Any render we used saved the position of the camera so that we could use it later.

We had the opportunity to publish our complete projects online for the benefit of others. We did not have to register to use the desktop version of Blophome or publish our projects, but registration gave us the opportunity to have our site to showcase our projects. The ability to share ideas and projects with other Blophomers also gave us inspiration on what to design.

When we wanted to post a project, we had the option to record a comment.


Blophome is aimed at anyone interested in designing, drawing and decorating any type of room. You do not need CAD knowledge to use the software. You can easily use it to visualize the ideas you have about utilizing your space. You will have access to many objects even at the free level. Depending on your status, you may choose Blophome Classic, Blophome Professional or Blophome Business.

Software Product Description

Free cad software to assist you in designing your bedroom, kitchen, study, living room, office, or any room.