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Release Date:   2009-01-10

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Software Product Description

The CL!Psci Scientific Search Engine is a superfast and efficient, free Google-like software, designed to meet the specialized and intensive, web-based information need of the researcher scientist.
  • Customize a menu of your most commonly used scientific search engines
  • Right-click on a word or phrase to automatically execute multiple searches, eliminating time-consuming typing or "copy and paste" into search fields
  • With one click, browse a consolidated supplier catalog to get to the right product faster than ever
Web-based scientific research is a time consuming and inefficient process, eating up a researcher's precious time; hours that could be spent conducting experiments and analyzing data. It involves searching public databases such as PubMed, NCBI Entrez, NextBio, and other information sites like Wikipedia. It also requires the equally time-consuming researching, shopping for, and buying many reagent, software and instrument products. The CL!Psci engine offers a new, more direct and efficient way to do web-based research using special right click functionality on your mouse that gets you to the right information much faster and with less effort.

No More "Copy and Paste"
Now, with a simple right click, the CL!Psci engine enables researchers to tie or clip together −instantaneously at their fingertips without any typing or copy-pasting− both public and commercial scientific information from many sources, adding up to a huge time savings compared with visiting many sites for multiple search engines.

One click, Two Browsers
A single right-click on a word or phrase executes two searches. User-set preferences determine whether the researcher sees public information search results or consolidated supplier catalog search results first in the open window, the other search results reside as a handy "there when you need it" icon in the task bar below.



Reviewer: -Irish Doc

Review Date: 2009-06-04

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Other Thoughts: This is just what the doctor ordered! Bravo! Thank you.


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