CTI Text Encryption 6.0.1      

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Release Date:   2016-05-01

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Software Product Description

CTI Text Encryption is a text encryption tools. It able to encrypt text, articles, messages into random, meaningless code. And then at a later time, it can be decrypted into original message when needed.

Where and When Encryption is Needed?

  • Sending sensitive information through
    • Email
    • Online Chatting
    • Forums Private Message
  • Storing sensitive information as file
    • on your local computer/share computer
    • on USB Pendrive (it is going to hand in to another person)

When any third party personal get access to the information, the sensitive data is not revealed. What he/she/it will see is only scrambled meaningless code.


  • Able to encrypt most of the languages in the world.
  • Light weight, efficient, portable (no installation needed).
  • Able to be encrypted with up to 4 combination of passwords.
  • Encryption result for long original text is compressed.