Calendar Lock PEA 1.4      

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Release Date:   2021-09-08

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Reviewed on April 01, 2019

Create multiple encrypted calendars - all with password protection, too

Calendar Lock PEA (Password Encrypting Archive), from the PeaFactory, is a free password-protected calendar application that is conveniently portable and completely secure. You can create, encrypt and store your calendar with all your notes, events and appointments on your PC where it can only be decrypted and viewed with the correct password.

Quite apart from its encryption features, Calendar Lock PEA is compatible with ICS (RFC 5545/ RFC 7986) iCalendar format for unencrypted calendar export and subsequent import into any conforming calendar application.

Creating, encrypting and storing your calendar

Downloaded, extracted and launched (calendar-lock-pea.jar), the program opens to a simple interface containing panel which will display the calendar files you create. The menu bar is at the top and the password input bar at the bottom. PEAs are stored as Java jar archives so your system must be using a Java Runtime Environment. Click the File tab to access 'initialize new' to create your first calendar.

You will be prompted to set up the name and password for your new calendar and to select a color for the calendar events. Once all information is completed, the new calendar will be displayed in the main window with the days of the week appearing at the top and forward and back navigation buttons at the bottom. The menu bar is available above the calendar.

Click anywhere on the relevant date to add an event. The Event Setting window provides boxes for Start and End date and times, a Summary bar and a Description field. There's a Recurring Event checkbox if required and the Set button is at bottom right. Events can be edited at any time, and there's a Delete button at the bottom left if required. You can also use the Navigate tab on the menu bar for these functions.

Once you've added events, Save options can be accessed from the File menu. You encrypt the calendar whenever you save any changes you've made. To view it again, you open it from the main interface by checking its box and using the correct password to decrypt and display it.

Easy to use features

The Calendar Lock PEA provides conveniently accessible options:

  • Convenient, portable application
  • Fast, immediate navigation to month, year, date.
  • Edit to change calendar name and event color
  • Change password
  • Easy removal
  • Safe, secure encryption and password protection
  • Encrypted storage and RAM memory only display
  • Creation of encrypted file for export meeting iCalendar standards
  • Import of any ICS format calendar file

The encrypted, password-protected calendar files are protected from both hardware attacks and hackers and local interference or tampering. The application is Open Source (GPL v2) and improvements to the beta version of the application are ongoing.

Software Product Description

Keep all your events, dates, notes secure with encrypted calendar software.