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Reviewed on July 26, 2017

There is no doubt that computers have made our lives easier in many ways. Unfortunately, many users tend to go to the opposite extreme and spend too much time in front of their machines. This practice has various negative effects on our health, starting with the eyes. CareUEyes is designed to help users take regular breaks to rest their eyes. The free application uses a combination of features aimed at helping users reduce eye strain.

Features and Functions

Once you install and launch CareUEyes, it immediately dims the screen for a gentler experience. It also starts a countdown timer to lock the computer in 45 minutes. This is the default interval but you can change the setting if you want. You will also be asked to restart your computer and experience the wide color range that the software provides.

CareUEyes starts automatically when you start Windows but stays out of sight in the System Tray, only displaying a countdown timer on a small float window that you can move where you want on the screen. The float window always stays on top but does not distract you from what you are doing.

Clicking the application icon in the System Tray brings up the main window, which will prominently display the time remaining until the next rest. By default, the application forces you to take a three-minute rest when the time elapses. However, it does not suddenly lock your screen without any warning.

You will get a warning 30 seconds before the time elapses. The warning window lets you choose whether to delay the lockdown for three or five minutes. However, you can only delay the time three times because you would otherwise render the application meaningless.

CareUEyes automatically unlocks your screen after the specified duration elapses, which is three minutes by default. Moving the cursor displays a "continue to work" button that lets you unlock the screen before the set duration elapses. Depending on your system configuration, the application may display either images or a black screen during the rest period.

The application window has tabs to the left for accessing its various features, functions and settings. The Display tab provides five color modes that you can quickly select at the click of the mouse. These are normal, smart, office, game and night modes. Each mode has its default warmth and brightness setting, but you can still make adjustments via appropriate sliders.

The preferences tab lets you configure the way you would like the application to work.


CareUEyes is an intuitive application that gives you the wonderful opportunity to take a break from your computer and rest your eyes and body in general. It locks your computer for specified minutes once the set duration reaches. You can choose from five different color modes.

Software Product Description

Free tool to prevent eye strain.