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Reviewed on January 06, 2020

The annual edition of Cheatbook Database that includes 25,300 cheats for PC and console games.

Finding cheat codes has always been one of the toughest parts of cheating in games. Long ago, you'd have to search through gaming magazines in hopes you could find something. These days, you can go online. The big problem, though, is remembering where you've found the codes. You can save them in a document, of course, but that can get a little tough when you are trying to balance multiple games. The best solution is having a database, but building one on your own can be difficult. Fortunately, CheatBook has gone through the trouble of building one for gamers. The 2020 iteration of CheatBook's database is one of the best yet.

Hidden Vault with Thousands of Cheats an Enhanced Features

If you keep up with CheatBook, you already know about the database. A searchable, editable program with thousands of cheats at your fingertips, the 2020 update takes things a step further. With thousands of new codes and a handful of enhanced features, this is the best iteration of the database yet. While it's not quite perfect- largely for reasons outside of CheatBook's control - there's still no excuse to avoid downloading this excellent database.

There are over twenty-five thousand games represented in this cheat database, which is incredibly impressive. Whether you're looking for modern PC games or old consoles games, you are almost certainly guaranteed to find something that you like here. The sheer number of cheats would be a little more daunting if the database wasn't so easy to search, but luckily this is a pretty user-friendly interface. This feels like the modern version of something like the old Game Genie codebooks - a veritable hidden vault of all the ways to get around the tough parts of thousands of games.

Includes Editing Feature for Personalization

It's also important to note that this database is also something that you can edit. That means that if you find a problem - or even if you just want to add a note - you can do so without any issues. If you want to go old school, you can also print out the codes directly from the database program. These may not seem like big features, but they go a long way towards making sure that this is as user-friendly as any user could want. This program is about as good as one could hope, with only a few little issues keeping it from being perfect.

Though literally tens of thousands of games are represented here, you're still not going to find everything. As is so typical with CheatBook, you're still going to have to deal with the twin demons of lag time and games-as-service. The good news is that the former gets eliminated over time, as you're almost certainly guaranteed to eventually see cheats if they are there. The latter, though, is a problem that plagues that gaming world. CheatBook has done a great job of providing hints and walkthroughs for those games that just can't have cheats, but it still stings to know that some of the best games out there can only be played in a single way.

Software Product Description

The annual edition of CheatBook Database which includes 25,300 cheats for PC and console games. All cheats are from the first CheatBook in January 1998 until today.