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Reviewed on January 05, 2018

Another month brings us another edition of Cheatbook. As ever, the site's still helping others do one of the most tried-and-true activities in video games - figuring out ways to play that the developers just didn't intend. From using stock cheat codes to trainers, Cheatbook helps players figure out how to play games in a way that they actually enjoy. While some might scoff at helping 'cheaters' as some kind of service, the truth is that these codes by and large only impact those playing on solo modes. While there are always some great guides out there for multiplayer, these are classic cheats - the ones that enhance a game rather than detract from the experience of others.

The late Fall and early Winter were huge for games this year. Not only were there a few major expected hits right out of the gate (Destiny 2, NBA 2k18), but a few decent surprises (Assassins Creed Origin) helped to round out an amazing season. Cheatbook's been updated to keep up with the latest and greatest, albeit in a manner that might confuse some players. There's a few very new games here, but it seems like the latest issue is really maintenance mode for those trying to catch up.

Good Cheats for a Few New Releases

The good news is that Cheatbook does include some very good codes and guides for recent releases. If you're into NBA 2k18 or Destiny 2, you'll find codes here. There's also still a great list of codes for older games, which is great for anyone who is working his or her way through a backlog of games. It'd be disastrous if the site decided to move these old codes and guides given the speed at which things release these days. That makes Cheatbook a great repository for cheats even if you aren't buying everything on day one.

Look Forward to Next Issue for More Newer Cheats

The people with the most complaints will be those day one buyers, though. There's nothing up for Star Wars Battlefront 2, Assassins Creed Origins, or any of the early Winter releases yet. That means that anyone who has already beaten the limited list of new games covered under the cheats and trainers is probably going to be frustrated this month. Given that the holidays have just passed, though, there's a good chance that the best stuff is being held for the next issue. Still, it'd be nice to see a few more recent games in the new cheats list after the huge Fall/Winter release schedule.

As always, Cheatbook is a great resource for those who want to play games their own way. It is definitely lacking in newer games, though, so you might need to wait until next month to find some of the newer releases. If you are looking for games released earlier this year or you want to grab a few classic codes, though, this will be a great issue for you. Just try to remember that this is a monthly release, so you'll eventually find the cheats for which you are waiting.

Software Product Description

355 Cheats and 6 Walkthroughs for PC Games, and 55 Console Cheats are included in January Edition.