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Reviewed on January 14, 2020

Cheats for 573 PC Games, 54 Console Games, and 16 game walkthroughs in this January 2020 CheatBook edition.

Cheating in games is definitely changing. Given that so many games have gone strictly online, it feels like it's not as easy to put in a few button codes and have some fun with a game on your own. When there are cheats, it is also starting to feel like you have to jump through a lot of hoops just to play your games in the way that you'd like to play them. If you're looking for a good way to get to the gameplay experience that you would prefer just a little bit faster, CheatBook's latest issue is probably for you.

If you're not already familiar with Cheatbook, you can look at it as something of a repository of cheats, walkthroughs, and guides. It's the home to everything you need to know in order to get an edge in a game, whether that means using a password or just knowing the best place to spawn your character. Each issue brings with a host of new content, generally including not only some material related to the games that have released that month but also plenty of cheats and guides for older games. This month's issue is a little slower than most, but it still stands up to scrutiny.

Cheats for Recent Games, Hints and Walkthroughs for the Biggest Games of 2019

The good news is that this issue has plenty of information about the games that you already love. It's not only got a fair number of cheats for some surprisingly recent games, but the issue also has walkthroughs and hints for some of the biggest games that came out last year. This makes it an invaluable resource, especially if you have been a patient player for the last few months. The cheats that are included here are a lot of fun, but the best stuff is really found in the guides and the walkthroughs.

The bad news is that this issue is a bit light on newer content. This has very little to do with CheatBook, though - January is just a slow month. There really haven't been any huge releases of note as of yet, with a number of very big titles either having been released previously or still on the horizon. If you've grabbed this issue hoping that you'd find something truly new, you are probably going to be a little disappointed. What's here is good, it's just noticeably lighter than one might hope.

Excellent Issue for the Start of 2020

CheatBook continues to be one of the best sources for game cheats, walkthroughs, and trainers. January is a traditionally dead month in the world of gaming, with most players focusing on games that came out in the fall. CheatBook has players covered with those and will almost certainly have plenty of information for newer games once they start to release again. It's nice to have access to codes when you need them, even if it's harder to find them than it once was. Thanks to CheatBook, though, you can be sure that you'll always be able to play your favorite games the way that you want to play them.

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CheatBook (01/2020) - 573 PC Games, 54 Console Games and 26 game walkthroughs are included in the January 2020 Edition.

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