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Reviewed on February 06, 2018

Video game cheat magazines used to be a big deal. They weren't just codes - they had great articles and even a few small walkthroughs to help players out. These magazines were definitely pushed out of the marketplace by the web, and now it's hard to find anything similar on the newsstand.

One website that is keeping the old spirit alive is CheatBook, which publishes a new list of cheats every month. It's as close to a classic cheat magazine as one is ever likely to see online, both regarding what it offers as well as the method in which it is delivered.?

Great Mix of New and Old Games in this Issue

The February edition of CheatBook is a very nice mix of some recent games and a few older titles. Destiny 2 and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age are the definite standouts here, but a few indie titles like Humans Fall Flat definitely round out the list well. There's also a good list of older games that have been included, which are definitely among some of the most popular games played today. This is a nice repository of cheats that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds every time it is published. It's got its flaws, but the merits definitely outweigh them significantly.?

It's always impressive to see how many games make the cut on a monthly release. There are more games coming out than ever before, so being able to sift through them all to put together a list of good cheats and walkthroughs has to be an absolutely exhausting process. It's also nice to see that the attempt to keep up with older releases is still a major factor in each release. While most players will have used these cheats by now, it's got to be a great resource for anyone who hasn't used CheatBook during one of its past releases.?

The downsides are pretty apparent here when you look at the list of cheats. There's still no Battlefront 2, which is an odd gap in the information, and the issue was definitely compiled too early to let anyone get a crack at Monster Hunter World. It'd be really nice to see those games here, but it's more than apparent that the monthly format will always mean that CheatBook is at least a month behind. There's little doubt that these games will show up in a later issue, but those looking for cheats now are simply out of luck.?

Impressive Issue

As ever, this is a good pick for fans of video game cheats. You'll have to wait until next month's release to get some of the hotter cheats out there, but there's plenty here to keep your interest until March's issue is released. For now, it's a good collection of cheats for great newer games alongside the real classics. The breadth of information covered in these releases tends to be one of the most impressive parts of CheatBook, and it's exciting to see what's included each month. It's as close to the classic gaming magazines as one will ever find on the web.

Software Product Description

CheatBook (02/2018) - 281 PC Games, 12 Walkthroughs for PC and 94 Console Cheats are included in February Edition. Current CheatBook users can update their databases directly with this release. (Including the new CheatBook-DataBase 2018).