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Reviewed on March 06, 2018

Cheatbook is one of those lovely services that you're probably taking for granted at this point. Cheats are such a huge part of playing games that everyone has given the process a shot and having a good source for cheats from the latest games is something that most gamers won't turn down. The fact that Cheatbook is so consistently useful is the kind of thing that makes you forget about it from time to time - at least until you boot up a new game and want a new way to play. Fortunately, Cheatbook is always there even if you only remember it when you're in a bind.

Cheatbook's March issue works, as always, as a collection of cheats published in the previous month. This month's issue is the usual collection of cheats, codes, and hints - everything you need to either cheat at a game or get better at playing. There's not anything groundbreaking here, but that's not the point. Everything included in the March issue is useful, with little filler. There's more here than you'd imagine even if you don't particularly enjoy cheating at video games. It's a good product full of useful hints and tricks that will take your gaming to the next level.

The good stuff is, as always, very good. There's a great variety of games covered from last month, including major releases like Metal Gear Survive. There are also some truly classic games covered like Sims 3. The mix of really useful cheat codes and excellent tips makes this a perfect first issue to download, as you'll be just as able to study your favorite games as you will be able to play them in unique new ways. While the utility of an issue always relies upon what you've got in your library, this issue does feel particularly useful.

What's the downside? In a word, it's February. There wasn't a ton released this month, so there's not a lot of brand new cheats at which you can look. While it's impressive that the issue did manage to feature Metal Gear Survive, that's the newest big game. There's still no Monster Hunter World here, for example, though it's likely that the tips will come in time. It's just a slow month and there's very little Cheatbook can do to change that. As it is, it still feels like a good month to get cheats and hints for your back catalog.

March's issue of Cheatbook is a solid issue that's desperately waiting for gaming to get out of its post-Christmas funk. There are big titles around the corner, and there's no doubt that they'll show up soon. For the moment, enjoy the fact that this issue will provide you with some great information on some older games and spotlights some good indie releases at the same time. If you're able to find some new ways to play the games that are already in your library, you too will be able to make it through the slog of gaming's slower season.

Software Product Description

CheatBook (03/2018) - 295 PC Games, 48 Console Cheats and 11 walkthroughs are included in the March Edition. If you already have a pervious veresion of CheatBook installed, you can update your databases directly with this release. (Including the new CheatBook-DataBase 2018).