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Reviewed on June 07, 2018

The summer is a weird time for gaming. While gamers of all stripes enjoy their games year-round and younger players get more time in front of consoles during this time of year, the games industry still hasn't quite caught up to modern trends. As such, there's usually a dry spell of content that lasts until the early Fall. Cheatbook definitely reflects this dry spell, with an issue that mostly focuses on past releases instead of the few games that were actually released in May.

This month's Cheatbook issue is full of games that released in May, along with a few games that haven't quite gotten enough attention from the last few months. In addition to those newer games, there are plenty of evergreen cheats and hints included in the issue. As ever, the Cheatbook is limited only by the speed at which cheats are discovered, so the weekly updates have brought a lot of material from indie games and the few big releases that came out before the summer began in earnest. It's always hard to judge an issue that came out at this point of the year, but overall Cheatbook's done a good job.

Limited releases but still a lot of content in this Issue

May might not have been a strong month for PC games, but there's a lot of content here. Probably the most impressive get of the lot is Vampyr, a game that didn't actually release until June. In addition to this new release, there's a very natural focus on some recent releases and even a few classics. This might not be the biggest time of the year for game releases, but Cheatbook is unquestionably putting in a lot of effort to make sure that gamers are getting all of the cheats and tips that they need to stay ahead of the curve.

There aren't a lot of complaints about this month's issue, but rather with the quality of games released lately. There weren't a ton of huge releases in May, and heading into the summer slump makes getting codes for hot new games unlikely. With that said, this issue does look like it took some time to hit some of the classics and even managed to push out some guides for new games. It'd be nice to see a few codes or guides that focused on the hotter multiplayer games, but all in all, this is actually one of the stronger issues in terms of overall content.

Solid Issue and excellent source for cheats

As ever, this month's Cheatbook is a solid product that's still lacking a few key games. As the summer starts to heat up and the post-E3 lull hits, though, it's likely that users will see a lot of the bigger games finally get attention. It's a good time to be a gamer, especially if you're the kind that likes to break the rules from time to time. If you're willing to wait, Cheatbook will always be one of the best sources for game cheats, trainers, and guides. Be patient - the games you want will definitely be here in time.

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CheatBook (06/2018) - 418 PC Games, 9 PC game walkthroughs, and 51 Console cheats are included in the June Edition.

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