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Reviewed on October 09, 2019

Cheats for 511 PC Games, 44 Console Games, and 11 walkthroughs in this CheatBook edition.

Old video games were hard to beat for a number of reasons, but an awful lot of it came down to intentional design. Some will say that it's because the games were made to test skill, but the truth is that they were made to eat quarters. That's why cheats were around in the first place - not as a way to cheat your way to an easy victory, but to level the playing field. In time, cheats evolved along with games. In today's market, they're something very different from what they were in the past. For some gamers, though, they are still very important.

October Issue Includes Loads of Great Content

CheatBook's October issue manages to hit a lot of high notes despite the fact that the gaming industry is still in a state of change. It feels very much like an old-school cheat site, but there are so many nods towards the present day of gaming that you'll always be kept up to date. There are some good and bad things about this issue, but the good strongly outweighs the bad. If you're in the market for ways to improve the way you play video games, this is one issue that you absolutely have to check out.

The good news is that this issue of CheatBook is absolutely filled to the brim with content. There's a ton of stuff here for players of older games and indie games - if you're looking for a way to get through your Steam backlog, this issue really is for you. If there's a game out there that still has standard cheats, you'll find it here. If you are looking for walkthroughs and guides, though, you're still in luck - CheatBook has everything you need, and this month's issue has some surprisingly up-to-date guides for games that are pretty recent.

Improve your Gameplay for AAA Games

The downside is, as ever, that the issue is relatively short on cheats for AAA games. The truth is, though, that most AAA games just don't incorporate cheat codes like they did many years ago. They're so focused on multiplayer experiences that adding the codes takes away from the fun for other players, so they just aren't around. Fortunately, this issue is still really good about providing ways to get to easter eggs or to utilizing winning strategies, so you'll still have a lot of fun with your games - you'll just have to do it as the developers intended.

In short, this month's issue of CheatBook is an awful lot like those that have come before it - great for those who are looking at older games or who are looking for a little bit of written help to get through the tougher bits of modern games, but short on the cheats for AAA games. As the gaming world continues to grow and change, it really does look like this is going to be the default for anyone looking for codes. Fortunately, CheatBook still manages to do an excellent job getting gamers the best possible content they can use to improve their gameplay experiences.

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CheatBook (10/2019) - 511 PC Games, 44 Console and 11 walkthroughs are included in the October 2019 Edition.

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