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Software Product Description

Cinavia is a kind of protection placed on DVD and Blu-ray discs to prevent copying. It involves embedding a multi-level watermark into audio-visual content. Unfortunately, cinavia protection may prove a nuisance to innocent users interested in backing up their discs. For example, you may see a note informing you about the protection on the screen when you play a backed-up video and you will not hear anything. The same thing can happen when you download movies from torrents infested with cinavia.

This is where CinDe comes in handy. The software is designed to detect cinavia protection and save users from belated discoveries with frustrations. In other words, you will readily determine where the protection is used so that you do not waste time backing up something that will not work.

The application features a simple shell extension. You right-click on the movie you want to check and select "Scan for Cinavia" in the context menu. You will then have the option to scan now, get audio tracks or scan tracks.



Reviewer: -dougwz

Review Date: 2016-09-01

Pros: There are no pros.

Cons: Program tells you everything has Cineva on it. Old dvd's, old tv shows, even my camera footage. They just want to sell the Cineva removal for a fortune. Which doesn't actually remove the protection, it replaces the audio portion of it...if it's in their limited database.

Other Thoughts: Sales tool only, not serious software.


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