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Release Date:   2013-12-23

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OS:  Windows 8/8.1

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Software Product Description

ClickToClose is a tiny utility that allows you to click the upper right corner of a Windows 8 Metro app (where the Close button should be) in order to close it and switch back to the Desktop.

Perfect for Windows 8 laptop owners and for people that rather work with the mouse and not use the touch screen.

Download, extract to any folder (there are 3 files in the archive, a DLL file, an executable and a batch file to close the program) then run ClickToClose.exe (you can also place a shortcut to ClickToClose.exe in the Start Menu Startup folder).

  • The DLL and Executable must be in the same folder.
  • There is no Exit button or Close button, you must end the ClickToClose.exe task from the Task Manager. You can also run the 'Close ClickToClose.bat' file.
  • There is also the added benefit of double-clicking the upper right corner of the desktop to bring up the Shutdown Dialog.