Cok Free MP3 Recorder 3.1      

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Release Date:   2018-07-19

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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Software Product Description

Cok Free MP3 recorder is free software for recording sound from microphone or computer sound card. You can use it to record your voice from microphone or record music or film dialogues from computer.

Also you can use it to record voice conversations in VoIP software such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, OICQ, QQ, etc. You can set it only record input voice from microphone, also you can set it only record output sound from sound card.

What is more interesting, you can set it record both input voice from your microphone and output voice from your computer. This feature is very useful when you record VoIP software voice conversations.


"This Thing Works! And It's Really FREE !"

Reviewer: -iluvOTRshows

Review Date: 2015-08-11

Pros: I just put this on my XP desktop. I like it! It's very simple to use, which is quite unusual these days. I am using a "Y" cable to my p.c. mic input, and the other side runs to a small radio with an aux input to monitor the sound being output from the headphone jack of my audio cassette player. One thing, make sure NOT to overdrive/overload the mic or line input or you will get severe distortion. I turned my cassette player volume way down and it works fine. I wanted to be able to make mp3s from my collection of audio tapes. This program does the trick. It also allows you to select the bitrate (i.e. size) of the resulting mp3 files. That's slick, as I don't have to use another program to covert the mp3s to my preferred bitrate.

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