Colorblind Assistant 1.68      

Size:  1.53MB

License:   FREE

Publisher:  Publisher | Listed Programs

Release Date:   2016-02-28

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Downloads:   7878

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FreewareFiles Clean Award

Software Product Description

Colorblind Assistant is free software that instantly picks the color from the mouse pointer, providing you with a written name of the color, as well as other useful data such as RGB values and bar graphs, brightness and saturation. The software also has a zoom pane for fine pixel detection, and sits nicely in your desktop tray when not in use.

Colorblind Assistant runs in a small 192x128 window that you can easily use alongside graphics programs, applications, games, video-editing software and movie players. The pixel data updates in real-time, so use with animations and movies is just as easy as still images.

The software is spyware/advertising free and uses minimal memory and resources.