CovePDF 2.0.0      

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Release Date:   2017-12-18

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OS:  Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-Bit)

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CovePDF is a free PDF reader that enhances the way its users work. It features a minimalistic user interface that hides powerful features that are usually only available in commercial tools, such as password protection. The intuitive software runs on the Electron framework, which facilitates its ease of integration.

Using CovePDF

The program opened a gray-themed user interface that opened so fast and was so simple that for a moment we still waited for it to "complete" opening!

The menu bar at the top contained only four items, with a small pane on the left featuring a few tools. We could open a file via the "File" menu or using the "Open" button just below the menu. Once we opened a file, more buttons and tools appeared below the menu bar, next to the "Open" button, with the file name appearing below them.

Some of the functions were common in many PDF readers, like the select, hand and comment tools. We could add text either directly where we clicked or in a text box. In addition, the Ink Highlight tool allowed us to highlight any part of the displayed page that we wanted. We could also add a signature and an attachment to our file.

One feature that is generally only found in commercial PDF readers is password protection. The free PDF reader allowed us to configure the way we wanted to secure our file. Firstly, we chose whether we wanted to protect files or just their attachments. We also specified whether we did not allow any change to the file or chose the types of changes that we allowed.

We also had many options when signing a file. For example, we could specify whether we were signing that we were the authors, approving or confirming review of the file among others.

Once we had completed working on a file, we could save it or its copy, print and send it via email.


Although CovePDF is a free PDF reader, it provides functions that are typically available only in commercial versions. It provides the features in a simple graphical user interface that any computer user can handle without difficulty.

Software Product Description

PDF utility to read and protect PDF files.