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Release Date:   2020-07-24

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Reviewed on July 24, 2020

Secure your data in a free encrypted notepad.

Cypher Notepad is a free application for Windows that will enable you to create text files and easily encrypt them. You can stop risking your privacy and prevent intruders from reading your data as you create it with this Notepad style encryption program that requires you to have no intricate knowledge of encryption procedures.

Encryption is the best way to keep your text files safe. Security is especially important for files that are shared with selected others, uploaded to a cloud service, or have their contents exposed in some other way. Cypher Notepad is basically an encrypted Windows Notepad.

Using Cypher Notepad to create and encrypt text files

Download and install the encrypted notepad application following the wizard directions. Upon launch, a window displays a listing of recent files complete with date, size, and path information. There are buttons for 'New' and 'Open.'

Opened to a listed - or a new or existing file, the user interface is the traditional Windows Notepad design with File, Edit, Format, View, and Help tabs on the menu bar. The tabs drop down to provide access to all the functions normally expected in Notepad with the addition of 'Export Key' and 'Import Key' on the File Menu.

By default, any new file you create in Cypher Notepad will be encrypted. This can be changed by unchecking the Encryption on the Format menu.

You can encrypt any existing file by opening it, selecting the contents and checking 'Encryption' on 'Format' tab, and accessing the 'Export Key' tab on the File menu where required. This opens the 'Export Key' window where you can copy or save the key to a PEM formatted file.

With the key stored within it, the encrypted TXT file can only be opened in Cypher Notepad. If it is stored separately, the keyfile can be imported using the 'Import Key' tab under the File Menu. The keyfile enables the file to be opened on another device. Upon anyone attempting to open a Cypher Notepad encrypted TXT file without the key, a warning message will appear and the encrypted text will display.

An encrypted notepad makes a valuable addition to your system

Cypher Notepad is a useful tool for encrypting text files using traditional Notepad style software with the option to encrypt files to prevent any potential intrusion.

  • Secures your data
  • Key required to open file
  • Easy to use Notepad-style user interface
  • Hybrid RSA and AES encryption

Java-based, the encrypted notepad requires JRE 1.8. This can be downloaded in a bundled download Windows version of the program.

Software Product Description

Your secret key takes care of encrypting and decrypting your data in this free secure notepad.

Requirement: The program requires Java Runtime Environment(JRE) 1.8. If JRE 1.8 is not on your system, Download the bundled version of Cypher Notepad.