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Release Date:   2018-06-19

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Reviewed on June 19, 2018

Use your PS4 and Xbox controllers on your PC with the DS4 Tool. The DS4 tool is a downloadable open-source application that lets you pair and configure your gaming controllers with a PC running on Windows Operating System. This tool is user-friendly and is easy to install. You can use the cable connection or Bluetooth to connect the controllers to your PC.

DS4 Tool is a portable program. Just download the DS4 Tool archive and extract the files inside the folder. The folder contains files such as SCPDriver, SCPPair, SCPMonitor, and SCPServer which are necessary to run the program successfully.

DS4 Tool Pairing with PC

Connecting your controller to your PC is straightforward. Just connect your controller to your computer using the micro USB cable. If the controller is successfully connected to your PC, you will see a yellow light that will start blinking.

DS4 Tool Pairing with Bluetooth

Simply hold the share PlayStation button together for a couple of seconds. The controller lights will start blinking. Next, check your computer and add the Bluetooth device to your computer. You'll see the Manage Bluetooth section and just click it to pair the controller to your computer. If done correctly, your computer state as much, and your controller will be paired to your PC.

The next step involves you opening your Control Panel, and going to Devices and Printers. You will see the controller in this section. Right-click and select 'Properties.' A dialog box will open letting you test your controller. Initially, the axis will not be mapped correctly. To rectify this, launch the DS4 Tool. The SCPServer window will open, and your controller will be listed. Confirm that it's working by going back to the Devices and Printers section of the Control Panel, and you'll see a new controller. This is your 'Virtual' controller which will be mapped correctly. Now, you can use your controller successfully.

Other features include:

  • LED Color Customization - DS4 Tool lets you choose the LED colors for your controller.
  • Touchpad Support - You can use a touchpad with the DS4 Tool.
  • Battery Status Indication - The DS4 Tool provides a battery indication.
  • Mapping of Buttons or Axis - The DS4 Tool can map axis and buttons on the controller.


The DS4 Tool may not be as advanced or as complicated as other utilities, but many gamers use it because of its ease of use and its reliability. The software is easy to run on your Windows OS PC, and you can connect your controllers via Bluetooth or the cable connections. There are newer tools that are more updated than DS4 Tool, but the problem with these new tools is that they can't be used for older games and there are only a select number of games that you can choose from to be able to use these new tools. A lot of gamers still use the DS4 Tool because it is reliable and they can play old games using it.

Software Product Description

Connect your PS4 or Xbox controller to your computer with this free tool.

Note: Detailed installation instructions are available at the developers website.