DTDtoCPP 0.5      

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Release Date:   2009-10-16

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Software Product Description

DTDtoCPP is a C++ code generator for XML files processing. It automatically generates parser C++ classes basing on DTD specification.

Key Features:

  • Generated classes parses XML string and put XML values to the appropriate class members.
  • Multiple and optional elements support.
  • Source-code only output (no need to include any libraries) - can be used in both x86 and x64 projects.
  • Use of MFC and MSXML parser
  • Can be adopted for work with other parsers and without MFC by request.

Current limitations:

  • Only !ELEMENT tag is supported
  • Multiple bracketed blocks (such as (el1,el2)*) are not supported.
  • Read only mode. Writing back to XML string is not supported.

System Requirements: