Day Maxi Calc 1.5      

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Release Date:   2009-09-10

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Software Product Description

Super-sized calculator with big buttons and a wide display.

No more tiny buttons and narrow displays, from now on with Day Maxi Calc you can comfortably make your calculations, and even save and stamp your results, while sitting up to 3 metres away from your PC, using a wireless keyboard.

It has all the basic functions and also simulates the classic roll of paper (scroll tape). There is also the option of printing and/or saving your results.

Numbers can be input via the keyboard or keypad. Visible memory value (up to 15 digits), double and triple zero keys and other options.

It is a portable application, installation is not required.

It is a light application, just few bytes, can be contained on a floppy disk and run on old PC.



Reviewer: -deebee

Review Date: 2010-10-30

Pros: It's got a big display!

Cons: Try 7.14 minus 7.13,pretty simple calculation I think, and the answer is: 9.99999999999979E-03 according to this calculator, so I would not trust it for any calculations personally.

Other Thoughts: Not a lot.


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