Dear Diary      

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Release Date:   2013-10-16

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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Software Product Description

Dear Diary is a password protected application in which you can store your secrets. All data will be kept encrypted on your local machine which means even if many people use your computer no one can access your entries unless they know your username/password combination.

You can create diary entries of the current date, past date and future date and can see all entries using the search option on the gadget which opens up a calender. From within the calendar you can go to a specific date to see the diary entry.

In case you forget the date when you made an entry, you can use the previous entry feature which opens up the date when you made the last entry. Similarly on the calender, you can use the previous button when you want to go to a date where you made an entry previous to the date on the calendar. Similar to previous button, there is a next option.

Another nice feature is that you can keep the font style and font color for any day and the diary will remember this setting for that particular day. For example, you made an entry on 28th August 2013 and selected Arial script of size 20 and green color and saved it. The next time you open 28th August 2013 you will find the entry in Arial script of size 20 and green color.

Besides this you can use the diary to make your notes or yearly planner or anything which suites your needs.

Whenever you are logged in, you can change your password any time you want. Be sure to remember the username or password since your entries made in that user will be kept for that user only.

The default username and password is (case-sensitive):

  • Username: Paarth
  • Paassword: batra

However, you can create a new user by simply clicking "New User? Click Here".


  • Password protection
  • Create any number of users
  • Write diary of any number of characters
  • Write diary of any date . Current , previous or future
  • Search previous Diary entries using Calendar search button
  • Search Previous/ Next Diary entry from file menu
  • Put font style for a particular day and this font will used with that particular diary entry date
  • Font colors can also be used in similar way
  • Update Password anytime while login
  • Replace and find words in your entry
  • Update entries any time
  • Write words in any script