Defender Control 2.0      

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OS:  Windows Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on December 20, 2018

Use Defender Control to take control of the way you protect your system

Windows Defender can be very annoying. Since it is integrated with Windows and installs by default without any means to uninstall it in Windows 10, you may find it running however many times you go into Settings to turn it off. If your system is low on resources, its presence is especially unwanted. You may have third-party antivirus software installed and simply do not need it (it may even cause conflicts). Exasperatingly it seems impossible to disable it entirely.

Defender Control solves the Windows Defender problem

A useful little utility, Defender Control lets you disable Windows Defender with a single click. Quite apart from the possible conflicts it may create with your third-party security software, Windows Defender needlessly uses resources which may slow down other operations. This is especially noticeable when copying to or from a USB drive.

Defender Control is portable software so no installation and configuration is needed. Simply download, unzip and run. Once running, Defender Control displays the status of Windows Defender in a small window on your screen. The top (warning) bar and icon are color-coded for quick visual reference.

  • Red - Defender is not running
  • Green - Defender is running
  • Orange - Windows Defender cannot be started/Real-Time protection is off

Disabling or enabling Windows Defender is as simple as clicking the required button. You can click the Menu button to launch Windows Defender and its settings.

Settings for Defender Control

Menu access is via the Menu button on the Defender Control screen. From the resulting drop-down menu, you can Hide the Defender Control window on startup or when minimized, refresh and view the available parameters in the command line:

  • /E : Enable Windows Defender
  • /D : Disable Windows Defender

You can include 'DefenderControl.exe /d' to disable Windows Defender and 'DefenderControl.exe /e' to enable it in a script in order to call the utility.

You can also see the available languages which include Turkish, German, Korean, French and Russian.

Disable Windows Defender and avoid conflicts

While Windows Defender is useful if you have no antivirus software installed on your system, its intrusiveness can create problems when you have expensive, far more advanced security protection installed. This is especially true when the third party application requires that any other protection is turned off.

The free utility is compatible with all 32- or 64-bit versions of Windows from Vista up. Whether or not the Windows OS version on your system allows you to disable Defender, the useful little Defender Control application is faster and far more convenient. In addition, it will prevent both Windows and other applications from turning it back on, and the status of Windows Defender is conveniently visible at all times.

Software Product Description

Stop Windows Defender running in the background and using your resources.